Tea Time Traditions Around the World

tea time traditions

As a drink that is an integral part of many people’s everyday lives, tea can be magical. From its origins in the ancient Chinese Dynasty to now, traditions surrounding tea have spread around the globe. Almost any country you travel to has its own tea time traditions. From different ceremonies to different types of teas, … Read more

Are Tea Leaves Good For Plants?

Whether you have indoor or outdoor plants, they can bring the same calm, inviting feeling you experience from having a nice cup of tea. Plants, though, even help to create a cleaner, air-filled home. With that said, you might wonder what you can add to keep your plants thriving, possibly without adding chemicals. No one … Read more

How To Host a Tea Party

host tea party

Hosting a tea party may seem daunting to some, but with a little help, even amateur hosts can have a fabulous tea party. The perfect event can be put together with some simple homemade or store-bought snacks, the right set of tableware, and, of course, some delicious tea.  Hosting the perfect tea party means setting … Read more

Is Tea Good For You?

is tea good for you

Tea has a rich history of being beloved for its many health benefits. From the time of ancient China when tea was first discovered to the present day, tea has been known and revered for its medicinal properties as well as its taste. Tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that help improve many aspects … Read more

History of Tea: Around The World in a Cup

history of tea world

Tea is a globally loved drink that is known for both its highly valued taste, diversity, and health benefits. The origin of the drink and plant dates back to ancient times. Tea has played a major role in many civilizations throughout history.  Tea originated in China and was first used as a medicine, but quickly … Read more

Tea Oxidation: What Is It?

tea oxidation levels

You may have heard tea connoisseurs talking a lot about tea’s oxidation and how it impacts the overall flavor. But what exactly is tea oxidation? Tea oxidation is the chemical process that occurs when oxygen reacts with the enzymes in plucked tea leaves, causing them to turn brown and break down over time. Oxidation begins … Read more

Where Is Tea Grown?

where is tea grown

If you’re a tea lover, you’d never give up your daily fix for all the tea in China.  But did you ever sit down with a steaming cup of tea and wonder, where is tea grown anyway?  Does it still all come from China?   Tea is grown worldwide, most often in locations with warm, humid … Read more

What Is A Tea Sommelier?

tea master job

You may have heard of a wine sommelier – the person in a fine restaurant who curates the wine list and recommends wine and food pairings.  But did you know that it’s also possible to be a tea sommelier?  If you love tea, it’s actually possible to become a certified tea sommelier and turn this … Read more

What is Pu-erh Tea?

pu-erh tea guide

If you’re looking to try a new tea, pu-erh might look appealing because of the interesting way in which it is prepared and its connection to Chinese history. Still, what exactly is pu-erh tea, and what makes it unique from others? Pu-erh is a fermented tea primarily made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis … Read more

What Is Afternoon Tea?

what is afternoon tea? A woman enjoying traditional afternoon tea

When tourists visit Britain, especially London, one of the activities usually on their must-do list is a proper British afternoon tea. But what is it and how did Britain’s world-famous tea tradition come about? British afternoon tea is a light meal made up of tea, finger sandwiches, savories, sweets, and scones. Served between 3 PM … Read more