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Best Teapots for Tea Lovers: Our Top Picks for 2023

Once you graduate from tea bags to tea leaves, there’s no stopping you! While there’s nothing wrong with brewing up a single cup of loose leaf tea in a mug with a diffuser, there’s nothing like the ritual of brewing up a pot of tea and either sharing with friends or enjoying the whole pot by yourself.

Having a teapot that’s both useful and beautiful can make you really feel like a proper tea drinker and can really add to the experience.

If you are looking to find the best teapot to brew that perfect cup of tea, this is the guide for you. There are literally thousands of choices out there and the prices can vary widely so it can definitely be overwhelming.

Read on to find out all about a few of our favorites along with help on how to decide which teapot is the one for you.

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Our Quick Picks for the Top 4 Teapots for 2020:

You’ll notice that these four choices are quite different, but all brew wonderfully. Some are gorgeous, some hold heat for a long time, some are traditional, some are durable, you get the idea…

Your best choice will depend on what you want most from your teapot. Read on to find out how to narrow your choices and pick the perfect teapot.

How to Choose A Teapot

There are several things to think about when you’re choosing a teapot.

  • Material: Different materials have different properties. Some are durable, some retain heat better than others, some are easier to clean.
  • Size: How many people will you be serving? All of these teapots make between 2 and 4 cups of tea.
  • Heating Method: Some require you to boil water in a separate kettle, and some you can place directly on your stove or in your microwave.

Four Different Types of Teapots

If you already know what kind of teapot you’re looking for, you can click on the links below to go straight to that section of this article.

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Best Ceramic Teapots

My first real teapot was a sweet little ceramic teapot that my mom bought for me when I was in college. I felt like such a grown-up tea lover making a pot of tea to study with.

Ceramic teapots are still my teapot of choice because they have lots of great qualities:

  • They naturally hold in the heat
  • They are sturdier than porcelain or glass
  • They come in loads of pretty colors and designs
  • They are available everywhere so you’re bound to find one that suits your personality

Traditional Style Ceramic Teapot

This very traditional Handmade Original Brown Betty Teapot has been made by the same British company since 1695. The special terracotta clay used helps keep tea hot for a long time.

One drawback of this one is that you’ll have to buy your own strainer since it doesn’t come with a built-in infuser. But I think that just makes it all the more charming.

Contemporary Ceramic Teapot

If your taste runs more modern, you’ll love this Tealyra Ceramic Teapot.

This teapot comes in a variety of super-bright colors that would look good in any kitchen. I personally love the turquoise and lime colors!

It’s well priced for a teapot with a built in infuser/strainer.

Reviewers mention that this teapot is:

  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect Size
  • Well made
  • Easy to use
  • Highly recommend

Best Porcelain Teapots

Best Splurge Porcelain Teapot

This Salam White Teapot by Degrenne is a thing of beauty. It’s porcelain but has a shiny stainless steel sleeve with a special felt liner that slips on to keep your tea hot for hours. Degrenne makes these in many different capacities too, so you’re bound to find just the right size.

It’s definitely the priciest teapot on this list.

Affordable Porcelain Teapot

This teapot is another excellent choice if you’re looking for the best porcelain teapot for daily use and don’t want to break the bank.

This teapot gets great reviews and is very well priced.

It has a 30-day no-chip warranty, is dishwasher and microwave safe and is certified by the FDA to be lead-free and non-toxic.

This sweet little stoneware teapot comes in super cute colors just like the last one, and reviewers mention the following features that they love:

  • Keeps tea hot
  • Cute colors
  • Great stainless steel infuser
  • Perfect size
  • The Sweese brand has excellent quality

Best Glass Teapots

I love a good glass teapot. It’s so satisfying to watch the water change color as the tea brews.

I know that looks aren’t everything, but a glass teapot is such a pretty addition to your kitchen.

There are so many gorgeous glass teapots on the market. Unfortunately, some of them aren’t very durable and are prone to breaking.

Best Glass Teapot For Stovetop

I really like this glass teapot because you can heat water in it directly on the stovetop or microwave, and it’s dishwasher safe in the top rack.

If you can scoop up this glass teapot for $30 or so, I think it’s a great deal for a quality teapot.

This glass teapot gets super rave reviews about so many features of this teapot:

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Great for everyday use
  • Beautiful
  • Stovetop and microwave safe
  • Pours without dripping
  • Great fine filter

Best Glass Teapot – For Microwave Use

If you don’t have a separate tea kettle or stovetop to heat water in, this one is a great choice.

I particularly like this model because it comes with its own zip up tea cozy and can be heated in the microwave once you remove the stainless steel parts. It’s also priced really well at below $25.

This is the glass teapot with an infuser that most purchasers seem to absolutely love.

The overwhelming majority of the reviews (85%) are super positive. Reviewers are enthusiastic about so many features of this glass teapot:

  • Perfect size: Holds 40 oz of water
  • Stainless steel lid and infuser = no rust
  • Can be heated or reheated in the microwave
  • Comes with a zip-up tea cozy to keep your tea hot
  • Works great with loose tea or teabags.
  • Spout design is compact
  • Great customer service – 90-day guarantee

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Best Cast Iron Teapot

If you’re looking for a cast iron teapot, you’re in for a treat. The variety of designs is amazing and some really are a work of art.

These cast iron teapots are lined with enamel which makes them perfect for brewing tea.

Cast iron teapots are popular because:

  • Super durable and nearly impossible to break
  • Excellent heat conduction and retention
  • Many unique choices of design

Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot

This Japanese Cast Iron teapot is one of the best cast iron teapots that consistently gets rave reviews from users.

I happen to love the simplicity of this one, but, but it’s also available in other colors and styles.

Reviewers mention the following things they love about this cast iron teapot:

  • High quality
  • Safe on the stove
  • Looks great in the kitchen
  • Small and durable

Whimsical Cast Iron Teapot

I love the dragonfly design on this teapot, and it really is “short and stout”!

Most reviewers love this teapot and have this to say:

  • Well made
  • Works well for everyday use
  • Keeps the tea really hot
  • Works well
  • Functional AND beautiful

Wrap-up: How To Choose the Best Teapot For Your Use

So many choices and so many cups of tea to drink! When you’re choosing the perfect teapot, remember to keep these things in mind and you’re sure to choose a great teapot!

  • Material: Some are durable, some retain heat better than others, some are easier to clean.
  • Size: How many people will you be serving?
  • Heating Method: Some require you to boil water in a separate kettle, and some you can place directly on your stove or in your microwave.

If you love tea as much as I do, pin this to your favorite tea-loving Pinterest board and pass it on for others to enjoy! Pinkies up!

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