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15 Elegant and Fun Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas

Is there anything more elegant and classier than a tea party? Have you thought about throwing one for a bride-to-be? A tea party themed bridal shower is the perfect way to celebrate a bride-to-be and show her how happy you are that she’s found the love of her life. 

But hosting a tea party bridal shower comes with a lot of responsibility, and expectations to meet. Your guests will expect appetizers, beverages, and décor to be on theme. If you’re a little nervous or need some great tea party ideas for a bridal shower, here are 15 appetizer, beverage, décor, and other great bridal shower tea party ideas to help make it a success!  

15 Ideas for a Bridal Shower Tea Party Your Bride Will Adore

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

cheesecake stuffed strawberries afternoon tea

Homemade cheesecake stuffed inside fresh strawberries, then topped with chocolate shavings!  What’s more decadent and delicious than the combination of cheesecake, strawberries, and chocolate? Hosting your bridal shower in the morning? Here are some more delicious tea party brunch menu ideas for inspiration.

Strawberry Tartlets

strawberry tartlets tea party food

Puff pastry tartlets shaped like hearts and topped with strawberries, what more do you need to celebrate the bride-to-be?  These elegant, individual tartlets are the perfect treat to add to your bridal shower tea party menu.  

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries on a tiered tray

Is there anything more romantic or delicious than strawberries dipped in various types of chocolate?  Food for a bridal shower tea party should definitely include some fruit – especially if it’s dipped in luscious chocolate. 

Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Hearts

puffed pastry savory tea party food

When throwing a bridal shower, you’ll need savory food options, too! And what’s more perfect than heart shaped puff pastry stuffed with ham and cheese?  It’s always a good idea to have both savory and sweet choices on your menu for a bridal shower tea party.  If you’re wondering if you should add some savory tea sandwiches, but don’t know how to make them, take a peek at this how to make tea sandwiches like a pro article.

Peach Rose Cupcakes

peach cupcake tea party

Homemade peach cupcakes topped with dried roses are a unique and romantic addition to any bridal shower tea party food menu.  

Tea Mimosas

tea mimosas for bridal shower

Elevate your bridal shower with a tea-infused cocktail that all the guests will love!  Can’t forget that champagne, especially if you’re planning a tea party brunch bridal shower.  

Raspberry Mint Ice Tea

raspberry mint iced tea bridal shower drink

This black tea infused with raspberries and mint leaves would make a refreshing addition to your bridal shower, and can be made into a cocktail, too!

Plaster Flowers

plaster flower centerpiece tea party

Dipped plaster flowers from the dollar store can be an elegant, simple, and budget-friendly addition to bridal shower tea party centerpieces. 

Tea Party Cake Toppers

tea party decor cupcake toppers

These DIY cake toppers are made to look like an elegant tea party set up, and make the perfect topper for a bridal shower tea party cake!

Teacup Fairy Garden

tea cup fairy garden decoration

Add an element of whimsy to your garden tea party bridal shower with these cute teacup fairy gardens.   You can even send these home with your guests as favors for a bridal shower tea party.

Tea Tags

Tea Party Favors

Tea party guests will love personalized tea tags, and these will help them keep their drinks straight, too!

DIY Fascinator Hats

diy fascinator hats

A tea party bridal shower calls for elegance and tradition.  Creating these bridal shower tea party hats for each guest will only accentuate your tea party theme!

DIY Flower Arrangements

This budget-friendly tutorial will help you put together real flower arrangements on budget, and really wow the bride-to-be!  There’s nothing like fresh flowers for bridal shower tea party decorations.

Tea Party Invitations

tea party invitation

What’s more on theme than a teacup shaped bridal shower tea party invitation? These cute free bridal shower tea party invitation templates can be downloaded and printed out.

Scented Candle Decorations

scented candle bridal shower tea party decoration

Make your own unique scented candles to use for party decorations or even as wedding shower tea party favors!  You can totally customize these to match your party colors and style. 

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