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Can You Froth Creamer?

Frothed milk is a popular addition to tea and coffee, but you may also be wondering whether you can also froth creamers for a more indulgent drink. Cream can give coffee drinks a smoother mouthfeel and can make them a little richer. 

Creamer can be frothed just like milk whether it’s fresh cream or powdered creamer. Frothed creamer can either be added to hot coffee or spooned onto cold coffee drinks like cold foam. Creamer is used in making coffee drinks to cut the coffee’s bitterness while adding sweetness. 

Frothed creamer can make many drinks more indulgent, but you’ll need special tools to create this topper. Keep reading to learn how to froth creamer and which kinds of creamer are best for the job. 

You Can Froth Creamer for Coffee Foam

Milk is commonly used when frothing dairy to add to coffee drinks, but it’s also possible to froth creamer for coffee. This gives you a foam density somewhere between milk and cream for a nice middle-of-the-road beverage. 

The advantage of frothing creamer is that you can froth powdered creamer as easily as liquid creamer, so it’s a nice way to cream your coffee if you don’t want to keep perishable dairy products on hand. Powdered creamer tends to be a little less expensive, too. Powdered cream needs to be dissolved in water to form a liquid before it can be frothed. 

Can You Make Cold Foam With a Creamer? 

While it’s possible to make cold foam with a creamer, it’s a little better to use heavy cream for cold foam. The higher fat content of the heavy cream helps the cold foam remain dense and hold its shape on the top of the drink. 

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Methods for Frothing Creamer

If you want to froth creamer for your tea and coffee drinks, there are several different ways to do it. There are specialized tools such as frothers that work well, but you can froth creamer with simpler household methods. Here are a few of the main ways you can froth creamer for your coffee: 

  • Mason jar: The easiest way to froth creamer if you don’t have any frothing tools on hand is to grab a Mason jar, fill it partway with creamer, and screw the lid down. Then shake the jar vigorously for forty-five seconds to get a uniform foam of bubbles on the top. Scoop this foam onto your drink.
  • French press: A French press is designed to press coffee, but this machine can also froth creamer. To froth creamer in a French press, heat the creamer before adding it to the press and plunging it until it achieves the desired level of frothiness. 
  • Handheld frothing wand: A milk frother is a handheld, battery-operated tool capable of making a rich, creamy foam topping for your coffee. Place the frothing wand in your cup of creamer and turn it on, and the frother will churn the creamer into a froth in seconds.  I have this frother, but this one is another good choice and it comes with a stand if you want to leave it out on your counter instead of tucked into a drawer. 
  • Immersion blender: If you don’t have a specialty frothing wand for making your coffee foam, a culinary immersion blender can work just as well if it’s small enough to comfortably fit in a cup of creamer. Immersion blenders work on the same principle as a handheld frothing wand.
  • Steam wand: If you have an espresso maker, the steam wand attachment can be used to quickly whip up a batch of creamer froth for your coffee. Simply steam the creamer in the same way that you’d steam milk or other dairy for your espresso according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Dedicated Milk Frother: If you want to be able to make a large batch of steamed and frothed creamer, you may want to consider one of these standalone milk frothers

As you can see, there are many different ways you can make a froth from a creamer. Even if you don’t have an espresso machine in your kitchen, you can still make some fancy foam for your morning coffee. 

Is Creamer Better to Froth Than Milk?

Both creamer and milk make good froth for coffee, but the texture and density of the froth will change depending on which one you choose. Heavier dairy products such as creamer and cream make a thick foam, while frothing milk results in lighter and airier foam.  

Can You Froth Creamer Without a Frother? 

While you don’t need an electric frothing tool to froth your creamer, you’ll at least need a jar with a lid that you can close as suggested in the method above. Shaking a jar by hand is the easiest way to froth your creamer if you don’t have access to a frothing machine. 

Creamer Is A Light Substitute for Cream Froth

Heavy cream froth can add a rich layer to your tea or coffee drink, but it can add a lot of extra calories too. It also doesn’t last long in the fridge and can be expensive. Using a frothed creamer instead is a good way to make your coffee a little healthier but still feel like you’re indulging yourself at the same time.  Next time you whip up a London Fog Tea Latte, try it with creamer instead and see how you like it!

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