Must-Have Tea Accessories for Tea Lovers

tea accessories with white teapot and white teacup and loose tea on a wooden background

If you’re anything like me you can’t wait to have that first cup of tea in the morning. I’m kind of impatient in other ways too….. So if you’re impatiently trying to find out which tea accessories work best, I’ve rounded up all of my favorites here on one page. You’re welcome. 😉 We, tea … Read more

Best Teapot For The Perfect Cup of Tea

best teapot on a background of green

If you are looking to find the best teapot to brew that perfect cup of tea, this is the guide for you. There are literally thousands of choices out there and it can definitely be overwhelming. How to Choose A Teapot There are several things to think about when you’re choosing a teapot. Material: Different … Read more

Best Electric Kettle for Tea

woman choosing the best electric kettle in a department store

Ask any serious tea drinker and they’ll vow that they couldn’t live without their electric kettle. Here’s a rundown of the best electric kettles on the market whether you’re a newbie with a box of Lipton or a seasoned tea connoisseur. Electric Kettles for Tea For any job, having the right tools makes the job … Read more