Why Does Iced Tea Get Cloudy?

When it’s hot outside, we all have our go-to drinks, and for many, iced tea is at the top of the list.  For some reason, it just quenches your thirst and doesn’t leave you wanting more.  But sometimes, that pitcher of tea can get cloudy.  But just why does that happen, and what exactly causes … Read more

What is Herbal Tea and Is it Good For You?

If you’re looking for a delicious, warming beverage that’s low on jittery caffeine and high on other health benefits, look no further than the herbal tea section of your grocery store. Herbal teas have been popular for centuries for their holistic healing, mental health, and spiritual applications. Herbal tea is a water-based mixture of leaves, … Read more

What is The Japanese Tea Ceremony?

japanese tea ceremony being prepared

While tea parties have been popular in Japan since the 13th century, the formal version of the Japanese tea ceremony was not established until the 17th century. Today, it is one of the most quintessential Japanese traditions, even recognized by foreigners as a meaningful experience worth traveling for.  The Japanese tea ceremony is a delicate, … Read more

How To Make Cold Brew Iced Tea

cold brew iced tea being poured from a pitcher into a short glass

Cold brew iced tea is a staple for hot months of the year. It can be a delicious and satisfying drink to serve at parties, dinners, or just on a hot day. Many people prefer cold-brewed tea over coffee because it is considered cleaner and healthier. Cold brew iced tea is made by combining either … Read more

How To Make Sweet Tea Like A True Southerner

two glasses of southern sweet tea on a blue background

If you’re wondering how to make sweet tea, you’re definitely in the right place! For a drink that only has a couple of ingredients, there’s definitely a science in making the perfect glass of southern sweet tea. What is Sweet Tea? For those of you from the South, you probably think this is a stupid … Read more

Simple Syrup 101: How to Make Simple Syrup

various cocktails with simple syrup and ice

Simple syrup, corn syrup, maple syrup…what’s the difference? If you keep seeing simple syrup called out in your favorite tea, coffee, and cocktail recipes and want to know how to make simple syrup, you’ve found the right place! Once you learn the easy recipe to make your own simple syrup, you’ll be surprised at how … Read more

Brewing 101: How To Make The Perfect Cup of Tea

how to make tea with a glass teapot and glass cup and saucer with mint leaves.

Graduating from good old Lipton tea bags can be confusing. Just wandering through the tea aisle at the grocery store can be daunting. If you’ve overwhelmed about where to start here’s a guide on how to make tea from scratch that you can follow to baby step your way into the wide world of tea. … Read more

Bubble Tea 101: How To Make Boba Tea At Home

bubble tea in a tall glass on a napkin.

Have you tried bubble tea? I have to admit that the first time I tried it, I was unimpressed and maybe even a bit grossed out. But since then, I’ve grown to love this popular Taiwanese tea drink. Whether you’re simply curious, or you can’t get enough of this interesting tea drink, here’s all the … Read more

How to Make a Creamy Soothing Milk Tea

cup of milk tea in a glass mug with cinnamon sticks.

Milk tea? As my grandma says, “Well, isn’t that just tea with milk?” What’s so fancy about that? Milk tea isn’t just your Grandma’s Lipton with a splash of milk anymore. Milk tea can be as complicated or as simple as you can imagine. What is Milk Tea? Grandma wasn’t all wrong…milk tea basically refers … Read more