Tea Oxidation: What Is It?

tea oxidation levels

You may have heard tea connoisseurs talking a lot about tea’s oxidation and how it impacts the overall flavor. But what exactly is tea oxidation? Tea oxidation is the chemical process that occurs when oxygen reacts with the enzymes in plucked tea leaves, causing them to turn brown and break down over time. Oxidation begins … Read more

Where Is Tea Grown?

where is tea grown

If you’re a tea lover, you’d never give up your daily fix for all the tea in China.  But did you ever sit down with a steaming cup of tea and wonder, where is tea grown anyway?  Does it still all come from China?   Tea is grown worldwide, most often in locations with warm, humid … Read more

Is Green Tea Fermented?

green tea fermented in a glass teacup on a wood table

Fermented tea drinks like kombucha have become quite common in the West, so it’s easy to assume that other tea types, like green tea, can be fermented too. However, this is actually a common misconception.  Although the term “fermentation” is often used when describing green tea processing, green tea is not actually fermented, but oxidized. … Read more

How is Tea Made? From Leaf To Cup

Tea cup on a table with the sun setting. how is tea made?

Tea has been a common drink throughout history and has only increased in popularity over time. The process of making tea has evolved to meet a high market demand as more people become captivated by it.  Tea is made by growing and processing leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant.  Tea leaves are typically dried or … Read more