How To Host a Tea Party

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Hosting a tea party may seem daunting to some, but with a little help, even amateur hosts can have a fabulous tea party. The perfect event can be put together with some simple homemade or store-bought snacks, the right set of tableware, and, of course, some delicious tea.  Hosting the perfect tea party means setting … Read more

What Is Afternoon Tea?

what is afternoon tea? A woman enjoying traditional afternoon tea

When tourists visit Britain, especially London, one of the activities usually on their must-do list is a proper British afternoon tea. But what is it and how did Britain’s world-famous tea tradition come about? British afternoon tea is a light meal made up of tea, finger sandwiches, savories, sweets, and scones. Served between 3 PM … Read more

What Is Tea Party Attire?

Rabbit and top hat on the grass in front of a table set for a tea party. Is a hat tea party attire?

Tea parties are an elegant way to celebrate and come with their own set of rules for etiquette and attire. Whether you are going to a venue for tea or going to a party hosted at a home, making sure you are dressed appropriately can be a sure-fire way to impress your host and all … Read more

Is Afternoon Tea Considered a Meal?

Tea has long been a part of England’s history. Tea was first introduced to England in the fifteenth century by China; however, the tradition of “afternoon tea” did not actually begin until the mid-nineteenth century. Since then, the tradition has continued, and tea is a common calming beverage worldwide.  Afternoon tea can be considered a … Read more

11 Amazing Tea Party Ideas For The Perfect Gathering

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There are so many wonderful tea party ideas out there to help you plan for your tea themed party and help you create an event your guests will love. Whether you are looking for tea party ideas for a child’s birthday party, a tea party theme for a bridal shower, a tea party on a … Read more

How to Make the Best Scones: 11 Top Scones Recipes to Make at Home

Who doesn’t love a buttery, tender scone for breakfast or afternoon tea?  There are so many scones recipes and scone flavors to try it can seem overwhelming when you search for the perfect recipe.   Don’t despair scone lovers! Here are 11 favorite recipes of the most loved scone flavors that are sure to be a … Read more

15 Tiny Bites for the Perfect Tea Party Food Menu

tea party food on a three tiered stand

Having a tea party isn’t just for kids anymore.   And adult tea party food is more than just goldfish crackers and Oreos. Everyone loves a good old-fashioned vintage tea party complete with tea party food and pots of steaming hot tea. You know, the tea parties with mix and match teacups and saucers, pretty little … Read more

Cooking With Tea: 15 Matcha Dessert Recipes to Die For

matcha dessert recipes on a table with pansies

15 mouth-watering matcha dessert recipes you’ll want to whip up at home that are so healthy, there’s no reason to skip dessert. It’s not easy being green unless of course, you’re matcha.    Everybody throws around the term “superfood” these days.  But for that brightly colored green tea powder called matcha, it’s a name that’s well deserved. … Read more