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Does Tea Cause Kidney Stones?

Many people worldwide have grown to love and appreciate tea, thanks to its great taste and incredible health benefits. However, you might have heard it can cause kidney stones in certain individuals who are susceptible to them. The question is whether this is true or not. If you or someone you care about suffers from kidney stones, the answer is extremely important. 

While drinking certain types of tea can increase the likelihood that kidney stones will be formed, there are things you can do to minimize this risk. As with most things in life, too much of any one thing can create a problem. In addition, certain types of tea such as green tea can actually reduce the risk of kidney stones. 

Kidney stones are a serious ailment that affects men and women alike. At the same time, tea has so many long-lasting health benefits that it would be helpful to know how the two can coexist without causing any problems. Continue reading to learn more about tea and kidney stones and what you can do to mitigate the risks between the two. 

What Causes Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones result when a larger than normal amount of calcium and other mineral deposits end up in the urinary tract. These end up clumping together and forming stones that are painful until they are eliminated. 

Can Drinking Tea Cause the Formation of Kidney Stones?

Since tea does contain a high amount of oxalates, it can contribute to the formation of kidney stones and end up exacerbating the problem. If you are currently suffering from kidney stones, it is recommended that you eliminate tea from your diet for the time being. 

Green Tea and Kidney Stones

What is the Relationship Between Green Tea and Kidney Stones?

Green tea has actually been shown to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation in women by a respectable eight percent. In men, that risk reduction increases to 14 percent. While green tea still leads to an increase of oxalate in the blood, it adversely impacts crystal formation, which is the kidney stone. 

How Does Green Tea Help Prevent Kidney Stones?

It is believed that the extract from green tea ends up adhering itself to the calcium oxalate as it is emitted. This impacts the way that the crystals are formed in comparison to other types of tea. In essence, the crystals formed from green tea do not clump together like they normally would. 

Will You Get Kidney Stones if You Drink Iced Tea?

If you are prone to kidney stones, iced tea is a drink you will want to avoid. Drinking too much iced tea has been shown to cause the formation of kidney stones. This is because there is a high level of oxalate in the beverage. 

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What Ingredients in Tea Leads to Kidney Stones?

Most types of tea have a chemical called oxalate. It is oxalate that is the key culprit in causing kidney stones. If your body ends up with too much of this chemical, the result is crystals can clump together and end up causing painful kidney stones. Not all teas produce oxalate at the same level. 

Should You Drink Tea When You Have Kidney Stones?

True teas (except for green tea) from the cameilla senesis plant should be avoided if you suspect or know that you have a kidney stone. Since kidney stones are typically caused by a lack of water in the system, you should focus on drinking more water in order to keep oxalates out of your system. After you have passed the stones, you can drink tea in moderation. 

Will Tea Hurt Your Kidneys In General?

Technically, drinking too much tea can damage your kidneys. However, certain types of herbal teas actually act as cleansing agents for the kidneys.  

Herbal teas that are known to help your kidneys include:

To be fair, you would have to drink a whole lot of tea in order to do your kidneys any noticeable damage. So, drinking tea in moderation is still healthy in comparison to most other types of beverages. 

The Takeaway:  If you Have Kidney Stones Talk To Your Doctor about Tea

The key in all of this is to remember that many types of tea are actually quite good for your body on many levels. At the same time, moderation is advised if you already know that you suffer from kidney stones. You may have to switch to a different type of tea or cut back on your consumption, but you can still drink your favorite beverage in most situations. 

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