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Savory Finger Sandwich Recipes for Your Next Party

What’s a proper tea party without a few finger sandwich recipes thrown into the mix? But does the thought of making trays of teeny tiny sandwiches make you sweat?  Don’t worry!

You don’t have to be a professional sandwich artist to create fabulous, delicious, and impressive sandwiches! From served-warm ham and cheese sliders served on pretzel buns and chicken pesto on a ciabatta roll to classic BLT sliders and turkey sandwich star-shaped kabobs, these 15 recipes will have you covered on all bases! 

Impress your guests at your afternoon tea party or baby shower by providing a variety of finger sandwiches to choose from!  Once you’ve got the finger sandwich recipes covered, you can  move on to the sweet tea party treats like mini desserts and scones

15 Savory Finger Sandwich Recipes Perfect for Any Party

Traditional Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

traditional tea sandwiches

This recipe offers three different types of finger sandwiches so you can showcase a variety of finger sandwiches!  All types are elegant, crustless morsels made with traditional ingredients like cream cheese, cucumbers, smoked salmon and water cress. This recipe is perfect if you want to host a traditional high tea.

Ham and Cheese Sliders

finger sandwiches with Hawaiian rolls

This slider recipe has a total yield of 16 rolls, perfect to double, or even triple!  They use the sweet Hawaiian rolls for a different kind of ham and cheese sandwich.  This one is also served hot, so you may want to make them ahead, and pop them in the oven just before your guests arrive. 

Seafood Salad Sandwiches

finger sandwiches with seafood

This seafood salad sandwich uses sriracha sauce and Dijon mustard in the dressing to add a little zing!  This finger sandwich recipe uses imitation crab meat and shrimp so you won’t be breaking the bank.  You can always use the real thing if you want as well. 

Mini Tea Sandwiches

mini finger sandwiches for parties

This sandwich recipe has a total time of 15 minutes, perfect for busy days!  This recipe has instructions for cutting up your sandwiches to save you time.  It’s a simple sandwich made of ham, cheese, lettuce and seasoned cream cheese.  You can really change these up if you want to make them out of your favorite meat and cheese combo.

French Pressed Sandwich Bites

finger sandwich recipe for brunch

These sandwich bites are made the day before, perfect to set and forget until it’s time to enjoy!  This ingenious finger sandwich recipe actually is made with three recipes in one so you can get a variety and only have to prepare one batch.  

Chicken Pesto Ciabatta

finger sandwich recipes for high tea

This ciabatta sandwich recipe included homemade pesto!  With fresh mozzarella and homemade pesto, these sandwiches are little Italian slices of heaven you can add to any tea party platter. 

Dagwood Sliders

finger sandwich recipes easy

These sliders have a variety of old-world meats such as turkey pepperoni and black pepper salami!  They are a heartier choice for a finger sandwich since they have many tastes from cheeses and meats all rolled together. 

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches:

finger sandwich recipes cucumber

This traditional cucumber sandwich includes homemade chive butter!  This tiny finger sandwich is also speared with a cocktail fork.  Sometimes simple is best, this sandwich contains just a few simple ingredients and is easy to put together. 

Ham and Cheese Pretzel Sliders

ham and cheese finger sandwich

Ham and warm cheese between two pretzel buns, can it get much better than that?  This finger sandwich recipe makes a warm sandwich that is a bit heartier and more rustic than traditional tea party fare – perfect for those hearty eaters that always show up. 

Mini Muffulettas

mini tea sandwiches

This muffuletta recipe yields 24 mini sandwiches, perfect for big get togethers!  This flavor packed sandwich originated in New Orleans.  Layers of meat, cheeses and olive spread make this one full of  flavor.  

Chicken Parmesan Crescent Rolls

easy finger sandwich

These chicken parmesan mini rolls are rolled in a crescent roll and baked, yum!  These hot sandwiches come together in a flash with canned crescent rolls and frozen chicken strips.  If you were making finger sandwiches for a kid’s party, these would be a sure fire hit. 

Turkey Bacon Club Lunch Kabobs

kebab finger sandwiches

The turkey in this kabob recipe can be easily swapped out for any other preferred lunchmeat, perfect for a variety of desires!  The recipe creator used a fancy star shaped cookie cutter to make these extra special, but you could easily just cut them in triangles or squares if you’re short on time.  

Coronation Chicken Sandwiches

coronation chicken tea party finger sandwiches recipe

This chicken slider recipe is great to use up leftover cooked chicken!  This recipe is one of the more traditional finger sandwich recipes around.  The addition of chutney and curry flavors make these a crowd favorite. 

BLT Tea Sandwiches

finger sandwich recipes with bacon

These BLT sandwiches are not only a classic, but also have 5 ingredients!  BLTs are one of my all time favorite sandwiches so it’s one of my top picks.  Spearing each tiny BLT with a cocktail fork makes them easier to eat.  

French Onion Roast Beef Sliders

finger sandwich recipes with onion

This recipe takes the classic French onion soup and turns it into a delicious and savory sandwich!  The carmelized onions make this one super flavorful.  It’s a hearty sandwich that would also work well at a tailgate or picnic. 

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