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How To Make Manglier Tea: A Louisiana Cold Remedy

If you’re looking for a natural remedy for colds, flus, and stomach problems, manglier tea is an option worth considering. This traditional Creole cold remedy has been passed down and used for generations and is made by boiling the leaves of the manglier (or groundsel bush) and drinking the resulting tea. 

What is Manglier Tea?

Even today, it’s not hugely well known outside of Louisiana, but it is beginning to get more popular as more people learn of its medicinal properties. Let’s take a closer look at manglier tea, why it could be beneficial for your health, and how to make it.

What is Manglier Tea Made From? 

The groundsel bush (Baccharis halimifolia), a member of the sunflower family, is a plant species with white flowers that is native to eastern North America and is commonly found in coastal regions, such as salt marshes and dunes.

The plant has also been introduced to other regions of the world, including Europe and Asia, where it is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant. In warm regions, it can become an invasive plant, quickly overtaking native species.

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History of Manglier Tea

The healing properties of manglier herbal tea were used before modern medicine became available by Native Americans, Black, Creole communities, and Cajun communities. The leaves of the manglier tree were often brewed as a tea and taken as a remedy for fevers, respiratory infections, and stomach problems as well as for boosting the immune system. 

What is Manglier Tea Good For?

Today, manglier tea is still used by health enthusiasts who prefer to use natural remedies to treat these ailments. 

What is the main ingredient that makes it effective?

The magic ingredient in Manglier tea that makes it so effective is called baccharis oxide. Known as a multifunctional compound, this is a powerful triterpenoid that can help fight viruses and inflammation.

The active ingredient baccharis oxide has also been found to potentially slow the growth of cancer cells in the body (anti-tumor), making it good to drink for prevention as well as cure.

Medicinal Properties of Manglier Tea

Studies have shown that local medicinal plants such as the groundsel bush or “manglier” in Louisiana have the potential to treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

In 2014, researchers from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, the University of Louisiana, and Rutgers University began an investigation into local plants such as the manglier plant, lizard’s tail, and goat weed to determine what kind of healing properties they might possess.  

Of these native plants, Manglier was found to have the most potential as a natural remedy.  

They found that extracts from the bush’s stems and leaves of the plant positively affect the metabolism of fat cells, which is important in fighting metabolic syndrome and related conditions, including obesity and Type 2 diabetes. 

The research suggests that the groundsel bush could alter the function of fat cells in a beneficial manner, and could support its use in dietary supplements. It also found it could potentially help to treat high blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

Side Effects of Manglier Tea

As with any herbal tea, it’s possible to experience side effects if you drink too much of it. Start with one cup and work up to three. Any more than 3-4 cups and you might find yourself with side effects such as diarrhea if your stomach doesn’t tolerate it well. 

Generally, though it is considered to be safe and healthy, and only contains minimal amounts of caffeine. If you do have any concerns when consuming manglier tea make sure to consult your doctor! 

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How To Make Manglier Tea

Steeping manglier tea is a simple process that can be done by bringing water to a boil, then letting it cool slightly before pouring it over the tea leaves or tea bag. For best results, it is recommended to use about 1 teaspoon of fresh manglier tea leaves per 8-10 ounces of hot water. 

The tea should be steeped for 5-10 minutes, depending on how strong you prefer your tea (the longer you steep it, the more bitter it will taste!). After steeping, the tea can be drunk hot with honey and lemon juice to help with the bitterness.

For a second cup of tea, it’s possible to re-steep the same tea leaves or tea bag, but it won’t taste as strong.

How to Make Manglier Tea Tastier

Another way to drink manglier tea is to add a teaspoon of peppermint extract and 1oz of dark chocolate to give it a mint chocolate flavor – this can also be served over ice. 

Where to Buy Manglier Tea

Manglier tea leaves and tea blends can be found on online marketplaces as well as tea-related websites. You may also find manglier in local shops, particularly in the areas of North America where manglier grows. 

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What Does Manglier Taste Like

Most people find the taste of the tea to be quite bitter, but the bitter taste of this aromatic yellow brew can be counteracted (somewhat) by taking it with some raw honey and fresh lemon juice or a cough drop. 

It’s not a tea that people usually drink for enjoyment, and it has been described as “horrible tasting”, but for those looking for herbal remedies, it is definitely a tea worth trying. The recommended dosage if you want to treat a cold or just for its general medicinal properties is 1-3 cups per day. 

Manglier Tea: a traditional Creole cold remedy worth a try

Today it’s not just the Louisiana Creoles, Native American tribes, and other ethnic groups that are fans of manglier tea. People of all ages are making up this green brew as a healthy beverage for its anti-cancer properties and to help with issues such as high blood pressure. 

Looking to the natural world for home remedies is the perfect way to avail yourself of a number of health benefits without having to visit a doctor and pay expensive health care bills. Try drinking up to 3 cups of manglier tea a day and see what this anti-inflammatory herb can do. 

According to the historical research of Charles Bienvenu in 1933, this was the herbal remedy recommended by the South Louisiana traiteurs (traditional faith healers) in bygone days! Just remember, manglier tea is an acquired taste and may take some time to get used to!

how to make manglier tea
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