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How To Make Shroom Tea (Magic Mushroom Tea)

Shroom tea isn’t your average warming cup of tea or mid-morning pick-me-up. This tea is for many users the go-to method of consumption of magic mushrooms, a drug known for their mind-altering, psychedelic effects. 

Magic mushrooms contain a naturally occurring chemical called psilocybin, which can cause hallucinations and euphoria. They are generally used as a recreational drug although in recent years they’ve also been touted as a possible method of treating mental health issues.

This is something that has yet to be investigated properly though, and for now, magic mushrooms remain illegal in most countries around the world. 

If you’re curious about shroom tea though and how to make it, this article will introduce you to the basics.

What is Shroom Tea?

Shroom tea, also known as magic mushroom tea or psilocybin mushroom tea, is a hot drink made by steeping psychedelic mushrooms in boiling-temperature water. It’s the most common way of consuming magic mushrooms and also the easiest.

Psychedelic mushrooms contain a naturally occurring compound called psilocybin, which can induce hallucinations and alter perception when consumed. There are over 200 different types of mushrooms containing the psychedelic compound psilocybin as one of the main active ingredients, but the most common species of psilocybin mushrooms is Psilocybe cubensis. 

This has a long history of traditional and recreational use, but it’s important to note that the possession, cultivation, and consumption of Psilocybe cubensis and other psilocybin-containing edible mushrooms may be illegal in many countries and regions.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

psilocybin mushroom tea

The following are some of the effects of magic mushrooms on the body:

Visual hallucinations can be exciting and dream-like, sometimes bordering on the surreal. Magic mushrooms can make you think really deeply and introspectively. Some people feel like they get amazing insights about themselves and the universe.

The perception of time can become distorted during a mushroom trip. Minutes can feel like hours, and a loss of the conventional sense of time is common. Reality may also feel fluid or malleable, leading to a sense of detachment from the worries of everyday life.

Although there is potentially good stuff to be experienced, every trip is different. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns. 

Experiences vary widely from person to person and it’s possible to have a bad trip with intense feelings of anxiety, fear, confusion, or paranoia which can be very frightening. 

Magic mushrooms can cause physical discomforts such as nausea, stomach discomfort, and vomiting. People with a history of mental health issues, particularly conditions like schizophrenia, psychosis, or severe anxiety, may be more susceptible to negative effects from magic mushrooms so should never take them without professional supervision. 

During a mushroom trip, impaired judgment and altered perception of reality can lead to risky or dangerous behavior. Taking any kind of mind-altering drug can be dangerous so it is always important to have a trusted person with you to keep you safe.

Legality of Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are classified as a Schedule I controlled substance in North America, which means they are considered to have a high potential for abuse and are not currently accepted for medical use. 

However, there are a few states and cities that have decriminalized the use of magic mushrooms including Oakland and Santa Cruz in California, Denver, Seattle, and Detroit among just a few others. Under the law, they are still a Schedule 1 controlled substance, and selling them remains a felony. Police tend to look the other way though when it comes to possession. 

In the UK magic mushrooms are considered a Class A drug and it is illegal to possess, use, cultivate, or sell. It is also illegal in most other European countries and Canada, so if you are considering trying magic mushroom tea, consider the legality and the laws in the country where you are based before you try it! In most parts of the world, possession and use of shrooms can get you into trouble!

Why Do Users Choose Tea Over Raw Mushrooms?

Raw magic mushrooms are not always the most pleasant option and many people don’t like the taste and texture of them. Fresh mushrooms can also cause stomach discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract due to the hard-to-digest materials present in the fungi’s cell walls, such as chitin.

Consuming these magical fungi in tea form is the preferred method of usage for many people simply because it’s the easiest way to take them.

Not only is mushroom tea more pleasant to drink than chewing dried mushrooms, but it also allows for more precise dosing. By measuring out the right amount of dried mushrooms per cup of water and steeping them in hot water for a set amount of time, you can ensure that you are getting the effects you want without the risk of accidentally taking too much. 

Overall, for many people, drinking psilocybin tea is the best way to get a hit from magic mushrooms. The tea itself isn’t great tasting – it is slightly earthy, bitter, and mushroom-like, but there are lots of things that can be added to it to make it taste better, from sweeteners to an ordinary tea bag. 

Preparation Steps – How To Make Shroom Tea

If you have the inclination (and the opportunity) to make shroom tea, you’ll find that it’s a simple process that involves only a few preparation steps. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Start by grinding your dried mushrooms into powder form using a coffee grinder. This will help increase the surface area of the mushrooms, making it easier for the psilocybin to be extracted during the steeping process.

Measure out the quantity of mushrooms you want to use for your tea. The dose of your mushrooms will depend on the potency of the psilocybin-containing mushrooms you have and the desired strength of your brew.

Add your ground mushrooms to a teapot or saucepan. If you don’t have a coffee grinder, you can also use small pieces of dried mushrooms instead of mushroom powder.

Boil some water in a kettle or on a stove. The amount of water you use will depend on the quantity of mushrooms you are using and the desired strength of your tea.

Pour the boiling water over the ground mushrooms in your teapot or saucepan. Stir well to ensure that all the mushroom powder is fully submerged in the water.

Let the mixture steep for 10-15 minutes. This will give the psilocybin enough time to be extracted from the mushrooms and into the water.

Strain the mixture through a mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove any remaining mushroom particles. You can discard the leftover mushroom material or save it for later use.

Optional: Add some lemon or ginger to your tea for flavor and nausea reduction.

By following these simple preparation steps, you can easily make your own shroom tea at home. Just be sure to measure your dose carefully and be patient with the onset of the trip, as it can take up to an hour to feel the effects of the tea.

how to make psilocybin tea

Adding Flavors and Enhancements

Shroom tea doesn’t have to be bland and boring. As you can imagine, dried mushroom powder was never going to make the most exciting drink, but there are many ways to add different flavors to your tea to make it taste better. Here are some ideas:

Lemon Juice: Adding a splash of lemon juice to your shroom tea can help mask the earthy flavor of the mushrooms and make it more palatable. It can also enhance the effects of psilocybin by increasing the acidity in your stomach. 

The citric acid in orange juice can also do the same thing – rather than making tea, you could just add some ground dried mushrooms to a glass of OJ.

Herbal Teas: You can add different herbal teas such as chamomile, peppermint, or green tea to your shroom tea to give it a different flavor. These herbal teas can also help you relax and reduce anxiety. 

Adding an optional tea bag with black tea to your psilocybin brew can also help to disguise the mushroom taste and make it taste more like normal tea. You can even make it into iced tea if you prefer to take it that way.

Fruit: Adding seasonal fruit, such as berries or sliced citrus, can add a refreshing twist to your shroom tea. You can also add a slice of lemon peel for a citrusy flavor.

Sweetener: Sweeteners such as honey or agave syrup can be added to balance out the bitterness and make the drink taste sweeter and a bit tastier. 

Lemon Tekking: How To “Pre-Digest” Magic Mushrooms

If you’re looking for different ways to intensify your mushroom tea experience, then lemon tekking is a popular way to do this. Lemon tekking involves mixing your finely ground dried mushrooms with lemon juice, allowing them to sit for a while, and then drinking the mixture. This method is said to increase the potency of your mushrooms and make the effects come on faster.

The reason why lemon tekking is thought to work is due to the citric acid in the lemon juice. This acid is believed to break down the psilocybin in the mushrooms (similar to how stomach acid works in the stomach during digestion), making it easier for your body to absorb. It works almost like “pre-digestion” resulting in a faster onset of effects and a more intense experience overall.

To lemon tek your mushrooms, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, grind your mushrooms into a fine powder using a coffee grinder or food processor. Next, mix the powder with enough lemon juice to cover it completely. Let the mixture sit for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Finally, consume the mixture as you would any other tea or drink.

It’s important to note that lemon tekking can make the effects of your mushrooms come on stronger and faster than normal. If you’re new to mushrooms or have a low tolerance, it’s recommended that you start with a smaller dose when using this method (or don’t do it until you’ve tried another method first). 

Health Benefits and Risks

Shroom tea has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties, but it also comes with potential risks. Here are some of the benefits and risks associated with shroom tea:

Health Benefits

Some clinical trials have shown that psilocybin, the active ingredient in shrooms, may have potential therapeutic benefits for depression, anxiety, and addiction. While magic mushrooms do have possibilities for treating mental health issues, much more research is needed. It is not a good idea to self-medicate.


  • Shrooms can grow on hardwood trees, which can be difficult to identify. Eating the wrong type of mushroom can cause serious health problems, including death.
  • Shrooms can be contaminated with bacteria, which can cause food poisoning and other bacterial infections.
  • Shroom tea can cause hallucinations, which can be scary and disorienting, especially if you are not prepared for them. Not everyone gets a good trip from magic mushrooms. 
  • The tea can worsen symptoms of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression if not used correctly, and may trigger psychotic episodes in people who are susceptible to them.

To experience some of the health benefits of mushrooms without having to take magic mushrooms (which may be illegal in your country anyway) there are several medicinal mushrooms that can be good for health. 

how to make magic mushroom tea

For example, chaga mushrooms and reishi mushrooms are considered medicinal mushrooms rather than magic mushrooms. They have been used in traditional medicine by indigenous peoples for centuries but do not contain psilocybin or psychedelic substances like magic mushrooms do. Some of these medicinal mushrooms have gained superfood status and can easily be purchased online and from health food stores in powder form or in supplements.

It is important to use caution when consuming shroom tea and to only consume it in a safe and controlled environment. If you have any concerns about the potential risks or benefits of shroom tea, consult with a healthcare professional before using it. It is unlikely to be recommended though due to legality and lack of research. 

Trying Shroom Tea for the First Time

If you do decide to try shroom tea the following are some tips to follow.

Start with a low dose: If you’re new to psychedelic mushroom tea, it’s best to start with a low dose. This will help you get a feel for the effects and ensure that you don’t accidentally take too much. You can always take a larger dose later if you feel comfortable.

Prepare your first cup carefully: The first cup of shroom tea is important, as it sets the tone for your magic mushroom experience. Make sure you’re in a comfortable and safe environment, and that you have everything you need within reach. This might include a blanket, some water, some snacks, and a trusted friend or family member nearby.

Understand the important distinction between shroom tea and psychedelic tea: While shroom tea is a type of psychedelic tea, not all psychedelic teas contain psilocybin mushrooms. Make sure you know what you’re drinking and what to expect.

Consider buying your mushrooms from a reputable source: If you’re buying mushrooms from a grocery store or other retailer, make sure they’re fresh and of high quality. If you’re unsure, consider buying from a reputable online source. This is only possible if psilocybin mushrooms are legal in your country. 

Shroom tea can provide a powerful psychedelic experience, so make sure you’re mentally prepared for what’s to come. Remember, everyone’s experience with magic mushroom tea is different, so don’t compare your experience to others. 

Shroom Tea Can Be Used Responsibly

In conclusion, if you’re looking to try magic mushrooms, consuming them as shroom tea is probably the best way to do it. However, it’s important to approach the use of shroom tea responsibly, considering dosage, individual sensitivities, and legal considerations. 

Educating oneself, seeking professional guidance, and prioritizing personal safety are important when first deciding to try shroom tea. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided is not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should not replace consultation with a qualified healthcare professional.

how to make shroom tea