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Is Green Tea Good for Your Hair?

Green tea is perfect for when you have a sore throat, when you need a boost of energy, and even when you just need something warm to hold. Being so perfect for so many situations will always raise the question of, “what else can this do?” 

Green tea is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants that can improve your hair’s quality and health as well as that of your skin. Using green tea in your hair care regimen can:

  • Improve hair growth 
  • Improve hair strength
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Promote shine 

This article will discuss the benefits of green tea for your hair. In addition, you’ll learn the best ways to apply green tea to your hair, as well as things to avoid when shopping for new products or making your own.

Why is Green Tea Good for Your Hair?

Green tea contains vitamins and antioxidants that are good for both your hair and your overall health. It contains vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, and folic acid.

These vitamins do everything from preventing fetal birth defects and tooth decay to boosting your collagen levels. 

Like green tea, collagen is good for the entire body but is usually marketed for your hair, skin, and nails. The amino acids contained in collagen can not only strengthen your hair and promote growth, but they also improve the overall health of your scalp. 

Reducing Oiliness

Green tea improves your scalp and also helps to reduce oiliness. That means your hair will be less apt to get greasy quickly so that you can rock your second-day curls without dry shampoo.

Reducing oiliness in the scalp also helps eliminate itching and pesky dandruff without having to buy a pricey dandruff-specific shampoo. 

When your hair is too oily, it can also negatively impact your pH balance, which can be detrimental to both your hair and scalp’s health. Without a healthy pH balance in your hair and scalp, your hair may break or become frizzy faster. 

Our hair’s optimum pH level is between 4.5 and 5.5. Green tea has a pH balance of about 7.0. So, it will not be acidic enough to break the mantle of the hair follicle, but it will not be basic enough to strip your hair of the natural acidity that develops in the mantle.

Green tea is perfect for leaving your hair feeling clean and keeping your pH balance intact. 

green tea for hair tips

Preventing Hair Loss 

Green tea is excellent at preventing hair loss because of the Vitamin B2 content. As it promotes a stronger scalp by strengthening the skin’s natural structure, the collagen found in Vitamin B2 can help create a stronger base.

This means that, since your scalp is healthier and stronger, less hair will come out from day-to-day activities like brushing, washing, and itching. 

Another component of green tea is something called catechins, which also prevent hair loss. These antioxidant-rich compounds can be found in green tea, chocolate, blueberries, and most other antioxidant-rich foods. Catechins actively strengthen cells.

While you may not see a noticeable improvement in your hair’s look with catechins, they protect cells in the body from damage, including hair follicles.

Hair follicles that are less susceptible to damage will be harder to break, but in the event of breakage, they’re also better off and more quickly repaired in healthier, catechin-rich cells. 

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The Best Way to Use Green Tea for Hair

There are a lot of ways you can use green tea for your hair, including: 

  • Hair masks 
  • Specialty shampoos and conditioners 
  • Leave-in sprays 
  • Green tea vitamin supplements 
  • Drinking traditional green tea

The best way for every individual to use green tea in their hair depends completely on their preferences. For example, someone who showers every day would benefit more from green tea infused shampoo and conditioners than someone who showers less frequently.

The key to reaping the full benefits of green tea for your hair and your health is using it consistently. 

Drinking it 

Drinking green tea is the easiest and most common way to reap the benefits of green tea for your hair. Green tea is naturally pretty mild in flavor, which leaves room for you to add things like lemon, honey, and even mint, all of which do have added health benefits of their own. 

Green tea is a versatile beverage, and since it won’t be going directly on your hair, you can be a little relaxed with your additives. You can add sugar, protein powder, or even collagen boosters to the tea before you drink it to improve the flavor and the benefits.

However, if you plan on drinking green tea very frequently, then you may want to be careful with how much you’re adding. 

green tea for hair growth

Green Tea Hair Products

Hair products are convenient if you’re someone who is just looking for the benefits of green tea for your hair specifically. While the added benefits of drinking green tea are nice, not everybody needs them.

In addition to being an excellent ingredient in haircare, green tea also comes in a variety of strengths, so you won’t have to feel overwhelmed if you don’t love the smell. 

You can purchase a product with green tea additives for every step in your hair care routine. Some of the best products for green tea hair care include:

Product DescriptionPrice Range
Tgin Green Tea Leave-In Conditioner Reduces frizziness, replenishes oil, detangles, and contains argan oil$12-$16
Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea RestructurizerMaintains pH balance, strengthens hair and scalp, protects colored hair$10-$12
Bambo Earth Green Tea Shampoo Bar Zero-waste packaging, vegan, cleans pores on the  scalp, locks moisture in$5-$10
Herbal Essences Cucumber and Green Tea Conditioner Seals in moisture, prevents breakage and tangling, cleans pores, free from parabens$5-$12

How to Apply Green Tea Products 

Since most of the benefits of green tea impact the hair follicle’s mantle and the scalp, the scalp is the best place to apply a green tea hair product. The best way to do this is to rub the product between your hands and down your fingers and then massage it directly into your scalp.

Always be gentle. Take any excess product and massage it into the middle and ends of your hair. 

Green Tea Supplements

Green tea supplements are common and usually taken in conjunction with other supplements. There are different ways you can take green tea supplements; you can typically find capsules at your local grocery store, and there are powders sold both in stores and in bulk online. 

Taking green tea supplements in capsule form is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most benefits. Capsules contain just green tea powder alone, so you won’t have to worry about it being diluted with water, sugar, or other additives like drinking it or using green tea hair care products.

However, green tea loose powder can be used in:

  • Smoothies
  • Protein shakes 
  • Juices
  • Water

In green tea supplements and hair products, green tea extract is usually present instead of plain green tea. That just means that the tea leaf itself has been concentrated and crushed up or liquified.

While both are good for your hair, green tea extract is said to be a bit less potent because of the concentration process. However, it does still offer the same benefits. 

green tea for hair loss

What to Avoid 

Green tea is definitely good for your hair and your body, but too much a good thing is still too much. Consuming too much most likely won’t lead to life-threatening side effects, but it can cause constipation.

If you notice this after consuming excessive amounts of green tea, drink plain water, and always call your doctor if symptoms don’t subside. 

If you’re planning on consuming a lot of tea, avoid adding excessive amounts of sugar and sugary additives like honey. The FDA has not approved green tea and green tea extract for medicinal use and supplements remain unregulated.

When shopping for supplements, be sure to read the ingredients to verify that they are safe to consume. 

The Takeaway:  Green Tea is Good For Your Hair

Green tea is great for your hair. If you’re looking for a safe, feel-good way to improve your hair’s health, green tea is the perfect ingredient for you. At the same time, you may not notice a difference in your hair’s look right away.

The antioxidants and vitamins in green tea work from the inside so that your hair has a healthy base to stay around for a good time and a long time. 

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