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10 Savory Scones For Your Next Gathering

Love a good scone, but want to make a batch of savory scones once in a while? Look no further because I’ve rounded up a bunch of delicious savory scone recipes to make your mouth water.  

If you’re a tea party aficionado, you’ll know that scones are usually the second course at a traditional tea party or afternoon tea.   And that usually, they’re on the sweet side and served with jam and clotted cream.

But there’s no saying you can’t spice things up with a little bacon, chive or cheese, huh?  Click on the links to be taken to the recipe and get cooking!

savory scones
Savory scones with feta, mozzarella, and herbs.

1. Bacon Cheddar Chive Scones

This scone recipe may not really belong on your three-tiered tea tray, but they’re the perfect addition to a light lunch along with a soup or salad.

These delicious savory scones are packed with cheddar cheese, bacon and chives.  This savory scone recipe comes from the King Arthur baking website.  They even provide a version if you want to make a batch of gluten free scones with the same delicious flavors.

2. Parmesan Chive Scones

This savory scone recipe from Vintage Kitchen Notes uses parmesan cheese and chives (a winning combination!).  What I love about this recipe is you can take the basic recipe and change up your add-ins to make a different batch every time.  

3. Savory Scones with Gruyere, Prosciutto & Green Onion

This savory scone recipe from Kitchen Confidante blends the flavors of prosciutto, scallion, and gruyere for a scone that’s perfect for a quick brunch with a cup of tea.  

4. Herb Parmesan Scones

These scones come together quickly and only take one bowl – which is definitely a winner with me!   This savory recipe created by Del’s Cooking Twist is perfect for a busy weekend.  You can mix up the cheese, herbs and other add-ins to change up the flavors.

5. Chorizo and Cheese Mini Scones

These scones from Just a Pinch get their kick from the addition of chorizo.  They’d be perfect for a Cindo de Mayo tea party or brunch.  They come together super quickly with a food processor so you can have them in and out of the oven in no time. 

6. Simple Cheese Scones

When you’re looking for a simple savory treat for breakfast or brunch, these simple cheese scones from Cooking Circle get their flavor from dry mustard and cheddar cheese.  Easy and delicious!

7. Cheddar & Chive Savory Scones

This easy, 30-minute recipe from Laughing Spatula is a tasty addition to your savory scone arsenal.  Perfect for brunch or even as a replacement for cornbread or biscuits next time you serve soup or chili for lunch.  

8. Spinach Feta Scones

I really love this recipe because I almost always have pre washed spinach and feta cheese on hand.  This savory scone recipe from Sweet Little Bluebird only takes a few ingredients, and the result comes out yummy every time. 

9. Ham and Cheese Scones

This savory scone from Damn Delicious is almost like a mini breakfast because it’s chock full of ham, cheddar cheese and chives.  They’re great for brunch, but equally delicious with a bowl of soup at lunch. 

10. Ricotta Herb Savory Scones

This genius scone recipe from Life Love Good Food uses ricotta cheese in place of the usual heavy cream.  They’re infused with flavor from green onions, thyme, rosemary and parsley. 

Traditional Sweet Scones

Change your mind and want to make a more traditional scone you can serve with jam and clotted cream? Check out this post of my favorite traditional scones, perfect for the second course at your next afternoon tea party.

Gluten Free Scones

If you’re hosting a tea party or brunch and have friends who are staying away from gluten, be sure to check out this list of the top gluten free scones recipes! Then you can make a selection that will make everyone happy!

Questions about making the best savory scones

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