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Summery Spiked Iced Tea Recipes For the Perfect Party

Spiked iced tea is a hot weather drink favorite! However, the same run-of-the-mill iced tea and vodka can get a little dull, so here are 15 unique, refreshing, and delectable boozy iced tea recipes to keep everyone, including yourself, refreshed and satisfied! 

Whether you’re hosting a large party, just you and a special someone, or just a small get-together, these iced tea recipes are sure to impress. From not-so-hot toddy cocktails and sweet tea infused old fashioned to peach iced tea and spiked Arnold Palmers), these spiked iced tea recipes are sure to impress every guest for every occasion!

All of these recipes can be mixed up in advance for a party crowd, just wait until serving to add ice – then they won’t get watered down as the ice melts.  Drink up and enjoy these delicious spiced iced tea recipes. 

15 Spiked Iced Tea Recipes to Sip and Savor

Simple Iced Tea Cocktail

spiked iced tea cocktail

This iced tea recipe only has two ingredients, perfect for busy days!  You can use any type of whiskey you like and you can even make a pitcher ahead of time, just don’t add ice until you’re ready to serve so it won’t get watered down. 

Plum Apple Cider Tea Toddy

iced apple cider toddy

This iced tea toddy recipe uses apple cider and a cinnamon stick.  The combination of apple cider and cinnamon makes it the perfect drink to serve at any fall gathering!  Mix up a batch and have your friends come over after apple picking, or a pumpkin patch trip and you’re good to go.

Spiked Peach Lemonade Iced Tea

spiked peach iced tea

This boozy iced tea with peaches is perfectly refreshing and balanced!  There’s nothing like the mix of fresh ripe peaches and iced tea to celebrate summer.  The addition of fresh mint leaves makes this extra refreshing on a hot summer day.  If you’re looking for a lower sugar version that’s still delicious, try Truly Iced Tea Hard Seltzer. It’s also gluten free for those sensitive.

Backyard Spiked Sweet Tea

backyard spiked iced tea

This is a classic southern spiked sweet tea and can be made in a big batch, perfect for dinner parties!  Start with a base of sweet tea and add some spiced rum for the kick.  Garnish with some lemon or orange rind and your drink is complete.

Sweet Tea Old Fashioned

sweet tea old fashioned

This old fashioned uses a tea-infused simple syrup to get the sweet tea flavor into this traditional cocktail!  This spiced tea recipe is perfect when you feel like sipping on a traditional cocktail, but still want to incorporate the taste of tea you love. 

Green Tea Kentucky Cousin Cocktail

Kentucky Cousin spiked tea

This recipe changes up the traditional Kentucky Cousin cocktail recipe by replacing the usual black tea with green tea.  It uses bourbon, simple syrup,and lemon, garnished with a mint leaf and a cherry, yum!

Hard Peach Iced Tea

hard peach iced tea

If fresh peaches aren’t peachy enough for you this spiked peach tea uses peach schnapps to make it even fruitier.   Add the kick of vodka as well as a peach garnish and you have a tasty spiked iced tea to enjoy on a warm summer day. 

Spiked Ice Tea and Rum Cocktail

This recipe needs to cool in the fridge overnight, perfect to set and forget until you’re ready to enjoy!  Dark rum and black tea combine to make a tasty yet refreshing drink for a party or just to enjoy on your porch. 

Sweet Tea Sangria

sweet tea sangria

White wine, sweet tea and fresh fruit make this the perfect spiced iced tea recipe to make for your next girls night BBQ.  This recipe combines two hot weather favorites: sweet tea and sangria! 

Ice Tea Vodka Cocktail

vodka sweet tea

This recipe combines vodka,  orange liqueur, and honey for an unexpected twist!  You can even make it with bottled iced tea if you’re pressed for time.  Definitely a refreshing drink to sip on a summer’s evening. 

Strawberry Iced Tea Cocktail

strawberry spiked iced tea

This spiked iced tea recipe uses lemonade, tea, and strawberries and gets its kick from the addition of vodka.  This iced tea cocktail can easily be turned into a mocktail for friends who aren’t drinking.  

Dirty Arnold Palmer

dirty Arnold palmer

This is a classic boozy Arnold Palmer recipe, otherwise called a John Daly! It’s got everything you’d expect in a traditional Arnold Palmer, iced tea and lemonade.  Add some vodka and you’ve got yourself a John Daly.  

Vodka Spiked Green Tea

spiked green tea

This green tea and vodka recipe uses strawberries and cucumbers for ultimate refreshment!  It looks gorgeous when served and can be modified to make it vegan, low carb or keto. 

Cranberry Lemon Iced Tea with Rum

cranberry spiked iced tea

This cranberry and lemon rum-based tea cocktail uses honey and citrus to balance sweet and tangy!  The addition of pomegranate pips for garnish makes this one especially festive looking.

Watermelon Sweet Tea Sangria

watermelon spiked tea

This fruity watermelon sangria recipe yields 10 cups, perfect for large parties!  Watermelon is one of my favorite fresh fruit tastes of summer and this recipe uses that flavor to the fullest.  This sangria recipe uses sweet white wine like moscato and watermelon vodka for a super summery taste sensation.  

Looking for non-alcoholic recipes for your tee-totaling friends? Check out these Summer Iced Tea Recipes for some great ideas.

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Spiced Iced Tea Recipes