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15 Tea Party Cake Ideas to Die For

When throwing a tea party, beautiful and elegant cakes are an absolute must! Having a beautiful cake in the middle of your food and appetizer display provides a center point that your guests will gravitate to. If especially delicious, the cake at your tea party will be a subject of conversation, too! 

But not all tea party cake ideas are created equal, and there are a few types of cakes that are especially perfect for a tea party. I’ve gathered 15 beautiful and delicious cakes that will make amazing additions to your next tea party! Whether you’re going for height, specific flavors, or even flourless options, there’s a tea party cake here for any party!

15 Delicious & Dramatic Cakes For a Tea Party

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake tea party

A rich chocolate cake made with cherry liqueur and fresh cherries!  This cake is a show-stopper and is the perfect tea party cake for those who love a dramatic dessert. 

Orange Blossom Cake

orange blossom tea party cake

A floral and citrus dairy-free cake made with orange blossom water and homemade buttercream frosting.  Orange blossom cake layers and marmalade filling make this a fresh, fruity and floral tea party cake. 

Carrot Spice Cake

carrot spice cake

Roasted carrots, apples, and lots of brown butter frosting make a unique and delicious cake perfect for a tea party.    I love a good carrot cake and this one is chock full of sugar, spice and everything nice!  

Lime Charlotte Icebox Cake

lime Charlotte ice box cake tea party food

A layered cake made with cookies and milk and refrigerated to perfection.  Did you know that icebox cakes aren’t actually baked?  I was today days old when I discovered this fact.  The combination of cool creamy lime filling and the fact that you won’t have to heat up your kitchen makes this the perfect hot weather tea party cake. 

Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake

flourless tea party cake

This dark chocolate hazelnut cake is the perfect addition to a tea party and is gluten-free, too!  It’s light and chocolatey with a hint of coffee flavor.  If you’re looking for a gluten free tea party cake, this is definitely one to put on your list. 

Baked Cheesecake

baked cheesecake tea party cake

Cheesecake is universally loved and this one is a showstopper.  This cheesecake recipe can be made in advance, so you have a dessert ready to go before your tea party guests arrive!

Strawberry Ombre Cake

strawberry ombre cake for tea

Cutting into this cake at your tea party will impress all of your guests! This beautiful, layered cake is topped with fresh strawberry buttercream!  The ombre layers of pink cake are gorgeous.  This special tea party cake would be perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower or any ladies tea party gathering. 

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

For a chocolatey tea party dessert, this chocolate raspberry cake is perfect, and is topped with fresh raspberries and a chocolate ganache frosting.  The homemade raspberry filling really ups the ante in fruit flavor.  So pretty and elegant!

chocolate raspberry cake for tea party

Pink Champagne Cake

pink champagne cake

A simple, yet elegant cake made with pink champagne right in the batter.  Another pretty, pink cake that includes and goes perfectly with a glass of rose.  You could even make these into cupcakes if you’re looking for a more individual mini tea party dessert.

Kransekake (Scandinavian Cake)

Scandinavian tea party cake

This cake is fancy, fancy, fancy!  A hollow cake made with baked cookies stacked together with frosting! This is one unique and impressive cake that will surely impress your tea party guests!  It’s actually made with cake molds and the whole thing is assembled with frosting!  This one might take a while to make, but it definitely makes a statement.

Hummingbird Cake

hummingbird tea party cake

Pineapple chunks, pecans, and mashed bananas baked right into this fluffy cake give it texture and so much flavor, too!  Although the name sounds delicate, this tea party cake has a bit of a rustic look and would be perfect for a woodland themed party. 

Swiss Roll Cake

Swiss roll cake

A sponge cake dessert rolled with cranberry sauce, then cut into slices for a beautiful swirly look.   If you’re thinking of planning a Christmas tea party, this swiss roll cake is the perfect tea party cake.  This baker also has a recipe for a chocolate swiss roll cake that looks just like a giant Ho-Ho.

Lemon Olive Oil Cake

lemon tea party cake

For the olive oil lovers out there, this citrus and honey olive oil cake is elegant and makes the perfect tea party cake.  It doesn’t taste like olive oil, but it does taste like a lovely marriage of lemon and meringue.   Pretty and delicious.  

Chocolate Chip Mini Bundt Cakes

mini bundt tea party cake

A small, dainty dessert made with a chocolate glaze that your tea party guests will love!  Bundt cakes are always so moist and delicious and this one is no exception.  This one probably belongs on the list of mini tea party desserts – you might want to check that out too!

Jasmine Green Tea Cake

jasmine matcha tea party cake

Matcha and jasmine green tea go perfectly together in this beautifully unique green tea party cake.  If you’re tea party guests are true tea lovers, they’ll love that you’re serving a tea party cake that’s made with actual tea! Check out these matcha dessert recipes for more sweet treats that include matcha powder.

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