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Tea Party Decor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Throwing a tea party soon? If so, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make your appetizers and desserts really stand out and impress your guests. Decorating for a tea party can feel incredibly daunting, but it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming or difficult as it might seem, especially with a few easy tea party decor ideas.

To make decorating for a tea party easier, I’ve put together a few great food display ideas for your tea party that will make your food look as amazing as it tastes! From cake pop trees, to painted silverware, tiered trays, and beautifully arranged cheese and berry spreads, these simple and elegant ideas are sure to help make your tea party a success!

Ideas to Make Decorating for a Tea Party a Snap

Succulent Tea Party Centerpieces

What’s more hip than succulents these days? And what a perfect way to incorporate greenery into your tea party decor ideas than these sweet centerpieces made from thrift store china pieces and tiny little succulents. You could even make them favors for your guests to take home to remember your special tea time together!

Pecan and Cranberry Cheeseball

tea party food display idea

A beautiful display of cheese, cranberries, and fresh herbs that is sure to be the star of any tea party food spread! This one probably won’t fit on your tiered tea tray, but it’s a gorgeous, colorful eye catching, and delicious way to spice up your tea party table.

Pretty and Delicate Teacup Display

Take a look at this sweet presentation. Have your guests select their own special teacup to use during your tea party. This idea kills two birds with one stone – you’ve got some cute tea party decor that doubles as serve ware for your party.

DIY Cake Pop Tree

decorating for a tea party with a cake pop tree

Use this DIY cake pop tree tutorial for a variety of cake pop flavors, or make the recommended twinkie cake pops that fit perfectly! This edible decoration would be perfect for winter-themed tea party decor. Or perfect if you’re decorating for a tea party for a child’s Frozen themed birthday.

Watermelon Teapot Serving Bowl

How cute would it be to serve fruit in this watermelon rind teapot? Colorful, sweet and a great way to serve fruit – this tea party decorating idea is a winner. I can also envision a variety of other melons used in the same way!

Dollar Store Tiered Tray

Diy tiered tray for decorating for a tea party

Don’t have a fancy china tiered tea party tray to display your treats? Don’t despair. You can make your own using this tutorial for a dollar store tea party decoration. Fancy doesn’t have to be expensive, and this tiered tray tutorial using dollar store finds is a great way to display desserts on a budget! I love this idea because you can customize the colors to match any theme you like.

Rustic Fairy Tea Party Decor Ideas

Look how gorgeous this table is! Perfect for a fairy themed party, or just a rustic tea party outside under the trees, I love the pairing of the dainty and the woodsy.

DIY Food Picks

tea party decor ideas for food picks

These easy DIY food picks make a great addition to any tea party! You can use them to label desserts and other food items to make it easy for guests to navigate! You could even put cute little sayings from Alice in Wonderland, like “drink me” on them to add to your tea party decor.

Stacked Teapot Centerpiece

Head on down to your local thrift store and you’re sure to find some pretty teapots and accessories. Stack them up, add some fresh flowers, and you’ve made a gorgeous and unique centerpiece for your tea party table.

Tea Party Cake Toppers

tea party decor cupcake toppers

Check out this series of tutorials on making tea party inspired gum paste cake toppers! I’m afraid I’m not this artistic, but if you have a creative bent, the possibilities for super cute tea party decor ideas are endless.

Spray Paint Silverware

painted utensils for a tea party birthday party

Incorporate your tea party’s color scheme into the flatware by spray painting them the perfect colors! Cheap flatware is easy to find at thrift shops or even the dollar store. You probably won’t need full place settings for your tea party decor, but some beautifully colored teaspoons would be just perfect for your tea party table.

Elephant Tea Party Cake Toppers

tea party decor cake topper

Make these adorable elephant cake toppers ahead of time, and add them to your desserts to impress your guests and stay right on theme! I know for a fact that these are way to ambitious for me, but I know people who LOVE to craft and would be proud to add these when they’re decorating for a tea party. So cute!

For more ideas, check out this post on fun and festive tea party decoration ideas. And pop over to this post if you’re looking for some savory tea party food ideas!

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