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15 Tea Party Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Do you need a few standout ideas for your next tea party? Is it a birthday party specifically? If so, then you’ll definitely need a few unique and fun tea party themed birthday party ideas that will wow your birthday party guests and keep everyone entertained! 

Planning parties can be a challenge, and it can be difficult to think of fun and creative games and food that are on theme! That’s why I’ve put together a list of 15 birthday party ideas, all centered around the tea party theme! From personalized invitations with tea bags attached, to DIY cupcake toppers, all the way to funfetti cookies and chocolate covered marshmallows, there is no shortage of possibilities here!

For fun, ask your guests to dress up in tea party attire to set the mood from the start!

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops

Candy melts and adorable sprinkles create the cutest festive birthday treats ever! Vanah Lynn Designs created these perfect party treats that are quick and easy to make.

tea party food idea

Decorate a Teacup Party Activity

A fun and unique activity for kids to do at a tea party themed birthday party! Simply set out plain plastic white teacups and stickers, and let the fun begin! This teacup party activity is fun, but not messy at all!

decorate teacup activity

Funfetti Birthday Cookies

Skip the mess of cake and all that frosting by making these deliciously sweet birthday cookies instead! These one bowl birthday cake cookies are colorful, festive and ready in under 30 minutes.

funfetti birthday cake cookie

Lucious Lemon Cupcake Cones

By stuffing cake into ice cream cones and frosting it, you’ll give all the kids at your tea party an easy dessert that they can carry around! These lemon cupcake cones can be a little messy though so you may want to eat them outside!

lemon cupcake cones for a tea party

Unique Painted Utensils

Create a custom look with the colors of your choice by spray painting the handles of your birthday silverware! Stop by your favorite thrift store and pick up a handful of spoons, add a can of spray paint in your favorite birthday themed color and you’re ready for an easy festive DIY project that will add zip to your tea party themed birthday party table.

painted utensils for a tea party birthday party

Funfetti Muffins

If you love the festive idea of funfetti treats, but would rather have a sweet muffin, these funfetti muffins are a great spin on the classic funfetti cupcake. The perfect blend of cupcake and muffin come together for the perfect dessert at any tea party themed birthday party.

festive funfetti muffins

Tea Cup Fairy Garden

Craft your very own centerpieces using teacups, saucers, pebbles, and miniature fairy statues! Your guests will think the elves and fairies helped you make these super cute tea cup fairy gardens.

tea cup fairy garden decoration

Tea Pot Chandelier

Paint an old tea pot, teacups, and an old chandelier to create a festive decoration that can be used indoors and outdoors, too! This is so cute, you might want to just keep it on your patio all year.

tea pot chandelier

Tea Party Cupcake Toppers

If you are feeling artsy, and love to create, try making these tea party cupcake toppers. Create the cutest little tea party scene on every cupcake by following this gum paste tutorial!

cupcake party toppers

DIY Fascinator Hats

What’s a proper tea party without a proper hat? Make these easy and elegant hats before the party and use as party favors or as a fun dress-up activity!

diy fascinator hats

DIY Flower Arrangements

Want some gorgeous flowers for your tea party themed birthday party, but don’t know where to start? Create stunning DIY flower arrangements with this incredibly helpful guide!

tea party flower arrangements

Paper Tea Cup Party Game

Paper crafting can be so much fun! Try making these paper tea cups for your next party. Using construction paper, scissors, and glue, make these cups ahead of time, then let the kids have fun with a treasure hunt, stacked tea cup race, or use them as party favors!

paper teacup printable

Tea Party Invitations

Using fragrant dry bags of tea and these adorable printable tea party invitations, you can set the tone of the party starting weeks ahead of time! And your guests can use the teabag as well!

tea party invitation

Make Your Own Tea Party Hat Activity

What’s more fun than crafting your own personalized tea party hat at a birthday party? Using inexpensive dollar store flowers and headbands, this creative and fun tea party themed birthday party activity is sure to be a hit!

make your own tea party hat

DIY Floral Birthday Numbers

No matter what age the birthday girl or boy is turning, you can make this $10 DIY craft to celebrate! These floral numbers would be perfect for any tea party lover.

floral birthday number

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tea party themed birthday party ideas