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15 Toddler Tea Party Ideas for a Fabulous Fun Event

What toddler doesn’t love pretending to pour tea into tiny teacups and serve little cakes to their stuffed animals? If your child loves pretend tea parties, then consider throwing them a real toddler tea party!

Toddlers are tough crowds and can be picky though, so you’ll need some toddler-friendly tea party ideas that will ensure they all have something exciting to eat and entertain them, too! The last thing you need is a group of grumpy toddlers who refuse to eat anything you’ve made! 

From banana wraps to Mickey pastries, to cheese tarts, and even cake pops, there are 15 different toddler tea party ideas that will definitely come in handy!

Toddler Tea Party Birthday Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

Homemade Uncrustables

homemade uncrustables

Parent and toddler alike will appreciate the thought that goes into making healthier homemade uncrustables!  My kids loved these when they were small.  There’s nothing quite as perfect as a good PB and J sandwich, and these are less messy for small hands to handle!

Mini Powdered Sugar Donuts

mini donuts toddler tea party

These copycat Hostess donuts are sugar to be a crowd pleaser, and are both gluten-free and vegan.  They’re messy, but delicious!  You’re sure to have lots of powdered sugar smiles at your toddler tea party. 

Peanut Butter Banana Wraps

toddler tea party birthday food banana wrap

Wrap up bananas, peanut butter, and jelly in tortillas and slice them up as a fun appetizer at your toddler’s tea party.   Toddlers like to “do it themselves” and these healthy wraps are easy to hold and eat.  This is a perfect child tea party idea that will make your young guests happy.

Fruit Sparklers

toddler tea party fruit ideas

Blueberries and watermelon on skewers make the most adorable and festive tea party snack!  This child tea party idea is cute, but probably need to be supervised with young kids!  

Mickey Beignets

mickey beignets

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse shaped food? Toddlers go crazy and light up when they see these fluffy Disney-inspired pastries. 

Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

strawberry cake mix cookies

Colors are a must at any toddler tea parties, and these incredibly easy pink cookies will do just the trick!  Festive and bright, these are the perfect sweet treat idea for a toddlers tea party. 

Ricotta Raspberry Tarts

raspberry tarts toddler tea party birthday food

Ricotta and frozen raspberries baked into puff pastry squares are the perfect size for little toddler hands.  Make enough for all the parents to have one of these too – they really are delicious!

Cheddar Cheese Tarts

tea party idea cheese tarts

For the toddlers that love cheese and savory foods, too, these easy cheese tarts are great for all the guests, parents included!   Every toddler tea party should have a mix of savory foods and sweet treats, and these little tartlets really fill the bill. 

Strawberry Cake Pops

strawberry cake pops for ladies tea party

I’ve yet to meet a child that doesn’t love cake pops! Using freeze-dried strawberries, these homemade cake balls on a stick are a fun dessert for any toddler tea party!  

Mini Cherry Pies

mini cherry pie tea party food idea

Could cherry pies get any cuter? This 4-ingredient pie recipe is easy and perfect to set out at your next tea party!  Adorable and delicious, just make sure you’re not hosting your toddler tea party over your white living room carpet!

Pie Lollipops

tea party pie lollipops

Toddlers love food on a stick, so why not pie? Cut out the crust into cute shapes, fill with pie filling, and bake!  How cute are these??  These peach pie lollipops are also vegan, so they’re perfect if you have any vegans on your guest list. 

Playing Card Sandwiches

tea party playing card sandwiches

Chocolate and jam sandwiches made to look just like playing cards is a fun and unique way to serve sandwiches at your tea party!  You could even replace the chocolate with peanut butter in these sweet little playing card sandwiches. 

Strawberry Madeleines

Madeleine cookies toddler tea party ideas

Simple pink madeleine cookies using only 6 ingredients is a must for your toddler tea party spread!  This recipe uses strawberry puree for a treat that’s not too sweet but still delicious. 

Raspberry Macarons

macarons tea party food idea

Toddlers and parents alike love macarons, and these simple jam and buttercream filled cookies are sure to be a hit!  Have some extra to serve to the parents with a cup of tea so they can enjoy the tea party vibe as well. 

Princess Tea Party Inspiration

princess toddler tea party ideas

For those toddlers that aspire to be princesses, this amazingly adorable princess tea party inspiration is worth a look!  From treats to crafts to favors, there are tons of ideas in this inspiring tea party.  For more ideas, check out Tea Party Themed Birthday Party Ideas.

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