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Savory Vegetarian Tea Sandwiches for Your Next Party

Looking to host an upcoming baby shower, tea party, or any other get together, but want to ditch the meat? No worries! New and exciting vegetarian tea sandwich ideas can be hard to come up with, but these 15 deliciously diverse recipes have everything you are looking for! 

All the way from brie grilled cheeses and a sandwich charcuterie board to Indian-style tea sandwiches and hummus topped crostini, these recipes for vegetarian finger sandwiches are sure to satisfy any sandwich lover! Whether you call these finger sandwiches or tea sandwiches, these mini sandwiches are sure to be a hit.

Whether you’re supplying the small bites at the office potluck, or having some friends over for the big game, these are sure to quench all of your sandwich needs!

15 Vegetarian Tea Sandwiches Full of Flavor

Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

brie grilled cheese finger sandwich

These grilled cheese bites call for fig jam and apples, perfect for fall!  Now these delicious gooey bites may seem a bit messy for a super traditional tea party, but they would be perfect sliced up small and served for practically for any other hosted event.  These vegetarian tea sandwiches are perfect for a fall themed party of any kind!

Cucumber Sandwiches

cucumber tea sandwiches

These cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are super easy, and only take a total time of 20 minutes!  One of the most popular tea sandwiches ever created is already vegetarian!  Just a few ingredients are needed and these are loved by tea party guests big and small.    

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

finger sandwiches with chickpeas

Chickpeas are a great source of protein, and this recipe is also vegan!  As tasty as a hummus, but with more texture, these chickpea salad sandwiches are filling, tasty and healthy as well.  These vegetarian tea sandwiches can be a bit messy, but they’re worth it!

Egg Salad Tartines

mini egg salad tea sandwiches

This recipe only calls for 4 hard-boiled eggs, a few seasonings, and sliced bread, perfect to throw together!  Just like an open faced egg salad sandwich but served on small crusty pieces of french bread, these are dainty enough for any ladies tea party, but filling enough for a crowd. 

Broiled Tomato Sandwiches

broiled tomato finger sandwiches

These sandwiches are broiled for 2-3 minutes, perfect for melty cheese deliciousness!  Your guest will definitely need a napkin with this vegetarian tea sandwich recipe, but the savory mix of tomatoes and cheese is just delicious. 

Vegan Sandwich Charcuterie Board:

vegetarian charcuterie sandwich board

This two-step recipe is perfect for guests to choose their own sandwich journey!  Everyone loves a charcuterie board, but it’s hard to serve with vegetarians in the house.  This DIY sandwich adds cheese and avocado for richness.  I would probably cut the bread in half and make sure all the additions were small enough to fit on a half sandwich to make sure this was still easy to eat at a tea party. 

Easy Vegetarian Tea Sandwiches

veggie finger sandwiches

These easy finger sandwiches use purple cabbage to give it an amazing purple color, perfect for the lunchbox!  Vegetables don’t have to be boring and this finger sandwich recipe proves the point.  I think this would be super fun for a kids’ tea party – the colors look like you melted down a few crayons from the Crayola box – but it’s yummier!

Cream Cheese Veggie Pinwheels

pinwheels tea sandwiches

These pinwheels use corn and carrots for the perfect refreshing snack!  I love a good rollup sandwich and this finger sandwich recipe is the perfect mix of fresh crunchy veggies, smooth cream cheese and tortillas.

Vegan Tea Sandwiches

These vegan sandwiches have not one possibility, but three possible flavors!  Roasted pepper & pesto, sweet onion & hummus, and traditional cucumber sandwiches make up a delicious trio of vegan finger sandwich recipes.  These are delicious even if you aren’t vegan!

vegan finger sandwiches

3 Flavor English Tea Finger Sandwiches:​​ 

English tea sandwiches

This sandwich recipe is meant to be served cold, perfect to make ahead!  Greek tzatziki, cucumber and pimento cheese sandwiches – so much variation!  This trio of finger sandwich recipes will keep any hungry guest happy.  I love the pimento cheese one  – it reminds me of my childhood! 

Mini Egg Salad Sandwiches:

Mini egg salad sandwiches

An herby dill egg salad sandwich recipe that makes the perfect vegetarian appetizer at a tea party!  These tiny sandwiches are the perfect dainty bite for a tea party.  This egg salad finger sandwich recipe is a winner – even if you didn’t make your sandwiches bite size.

Indian Style Tea Sandwiches

Indian style finger sandwiches

These mini vegetarian finger sandwiches call for Garam Masala, an Indian spice that is definitely worth trying!  The vibrant Indian flavors in this recipe are the perfect companion to a cup of tea.  

Goat Cheese and Arugula Sandwiches

goat cheese finger sandwiches

This stacked sandwich recipe calls for goat cheese, sweet chili jam, cucumbers, and arugula!  Four flavors that really go well together.  The crispy veggies are great paired with the soft cheese and sweet chili jam.  Delicious!

Cheese Savoury Tea Sandwiches

savory cheese tea sandwiches

These vegetarian finger sandwiches from the north of England is an elevated take on the classic cheese and bread!  The addition of onion makes these cheese sandwiches more than just a simple bread and cheese sandwich.  Authentic and yummy!

Hummus Crostinis

hummus finger sandwich

These hummus-topped crostini bites are drizzled with just a little bit of balsamic glaze for a perfect savory finger sandwich recipe.  The crunch of crostini makes these the perfect finger sandwich for your next party. 

So there you have it! 15 delicious vegetarian tea sandwiches to please even your most finicky vegetarian tea party guest. Looking for vegan options? Check out this post: Vegan Tea Party Menu Ideas. Or this post for more finger sandwich recipes that include meat here: Finger Sandwich Recipes.

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