Just because it’s cocktail hour doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favorite tea. You can literally come up with thousands of recipes for boozy sweet tea cocktails for your next gathering.

The great thing is most of these creations are delicious even without the added alcohol. So if you have friends who shy away from an alcoholic tea recipe, you can whip up a virgin one just as easily.

Sweet Tea Sangria

I happen to love sangria in the summertime and this is a delicious twist on a favorite hot weather drink. Make a pitcher and have some friends over for some summer relaxing!

Hibiscus Tea Margaritas

If you love the iced hibiscus tea you can get at your local coffee shop, you’re going to love this pink, tropical take on the traditional margarita.

Chai Tea White Russian

The alcohol in this one comes from both vodka and Kahlua, which end up being the perfect pairing to go with a spicy chai tea.

This refreshing drink combines lemon, ginger, black tea and bourbon. If you have a mixologist in your house have them pull out the bitters because you’ll need a bit of that too.

Lemon Bourbon Sweet Tea

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