Lavender tea is an herbal tea made from the dried flowers of the lavender plant. Lavender is related to rosemary and mint and is valued for its soothing fragrance and medicinal properties.

Lavender tea is an herbal tea made from dried flowers, a steeped beverage known as an infusion or tisane.

What Is Lavender Tea?

Traditionally, the lavender grown for cosmetics and food products is grown in the southern regions of France.

Where Does Lavender Grow?

Lavender thrives in an arid region with relatively little rain. Other than France, other areas where lavender grows well include Mediterranean and southern California regions.

Unlike other herbs grown for medicinal tea, lavender doesn’t tend to do well indoors because it can’t get enough light to bloom.

Growing Lavender for Tea

Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

– Improved mood – Sleep aid – Muscle cramp relief – Better complexion

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