What’s better than a cup of tea with delicious chai cookies for dunking? If you ask me, practically nothing. Add the drizzle of a vanilla glaze, and I’m in cookie heaven.


– Butter – Sugar – Brown Sugar – Egg – Vanilla Extract – Warm Water – Baking Soda

If you love the taste of warm spicy taste of chai, you’ll love these cookies. They’re easy to make and you can adjust the baking time to have them come out as a soft or more crispy cookie.

What are Chai Spices?

Chai is actually the Indian word for “tea”. What most people mean when they say chai spice, is the spice blend used in Masala Chai.

How to Make Chai Cookies

In a large mixing bowl mix the room temperature butter, white sugar, and brown sugar together with a fork or mixer until it starts to become a light and grainy texture.

Step 1

Step 2

Dissolve the baking soda in warm water and then add it into the butter and sugar mixture along with the egg, vanilla, salt, and chai spice.

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