Dandelion root tea is good for you because it detoxifies the liver and its mild diuretic effects can help treat chronic health conditions like kidney disease, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

The only time of day it’s recommended to refrain from drinking dandelion root tea is right before bed.

Can You Drink Dandelion Root Tea Every Day?

Dandelion tea made from roasted dandelion root is described as having a richer, toasted flavor, much like chicory or coffee.

What Does Dandelion Root Tea Taste Like?

Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

– Reduces bloating and water weight – Supports liver health – Improves digestive health – Fights cancer – Fights disease and aging

– Vitamins A, C, and D – Beta carotene – Taraxacin

What Are the Active Ingredients in Dandelion Root Tea?

What’s the Difference Between Dandelion Root Tea and Dandelion Leaf Tea?

The dandelion is a versatile herb!  Tisanes can be made from the root, leaves, flowers, or any combination of these.

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