True teas have about half of the caffeine of the average cup of coffee. However, many factors determine the exact caffeine content in either a cup of tea or coffee.

How Much Caffeine is in Tea vs. Coffee?

An 8-ounce cup of coffee has about 96 mg of caffeine vs about 47 mg of caffeine in a properly brewed cup of black tea. This is just about twice as much caffeine.

There is not a standard amount of caffeine in any given cup of tea due to various factors. It depends on the type of tea that you’re brewing.

What Determines the Amount of Caffeine in a Cup of Tea?

Brewing Time affects Caffeine Levels

The caffeine in tea is released in water. So, the longer you brew your tea, the more caffeine will be released into your cup.

The general principle here is that the hotter the water you are using to brew your tea, the more caffeine you can expect to be infused into your cup.

Water Temperature Can Affect Caffeine Levels

For most people,  the level of caffeine in tea is perfectly acceptable to consume as a part of a balanced diet.

Is the Caffeine in Tea Good for You?

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