Drinking tea can help you manage the levels of both good and bad bacteria in your body. Keep reading to learn more about the effects of tea on bacteria in the body and how you can profit from it.

Here are the three teas that are most closely associated with positive levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut:

What Tea is Good for Bacteria?

– Black tea – Green tea – Oolong tea

Is Tea a Disinfectant?

Due to its antibacterial properties, tea makes an effective disinfectant. Tea can be used inside your body and out to take care of bacteria harmful to human beings.

Does Black Tea Kill Oral Bacteria?

Black tea doesn’t have the strength of the antibacterial effect in green tea due to lower levels of polyphenols.

Here are just a few easy ways you can use it:

Other Antibacterial and Cleaning Uses for Tea

– Clean your microwave – Toilet cleaning – Shoe deodorant

Tea isn’t just a tasty drink for cozy mornings. This beverage is known as one of the healthiest on the planet for good reason.

Tea is Good for Bacterial Prevention

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