This simple spice blend has all the warmth and spicy flavor of a good masala chai tea. Simple to mix up and have on hand, you can use this versatile blend in everything from homemade chai lattes.


– Cinnamon – Ground Ginger – All spice – Cloves – Cardamom – Nutmeg

What is Chai?

Chai is actually the Hindi word for “tea”. So when you say “chai tea” you’re actually saying “tea tea”. Chai tea is actually a blend of black tea along with spices.

Tips for Making a Chai Spice Blend

– When you’re making any kind of a spice blend, it’s important to use fresh spices. – After mixing, store out of direct sunlight in a jar with a tight fitting lid.

How Do You Use Chai Spice Blend

– Add to a Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte – Add it to a favorite Chai Spiced Dessert – Add it to Chai Cookies or Chai Cinnamon Rolls

Chai Spice Blend Instructions:

Make sure to blend spices well as sometimes ground ginger can get clumpy. You can either whisk the ingredients in a bowl to remove lumps.

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