What Is Golden Milk Tea?

Golden milk tea is a tea recipe in Ayurveda Indian cuisine that includes coconut milk, turmeric, and other spices such as black pepper and cinnamon.

Golden milk tea is an exotic drink to many people, but this delicious concoction has been made in India for hundreds of years.

What Is Golden Tea?

The flavors in golden milk tea are similar to those in chai tea. It’s warm and spicy, with a hint of bitterness from the turmeric.

What Does Golden Milk Tea Taste Like?

Health Benefits of Golden Milk Tea

– Antioxidants – Anti-inflammatory properties – Improved mood

– Mix up the golden milk tea – Heat the tea – Strain the tea and serve

How to Make Golden Milk Tea

Golden Milk Tea Ingredients

– Ground turmeric – Milk (usually coconut) – Sweetener (usually honey) – Other spices

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