Tea can be a great drink replacement if you’re on a diet, especially when using it to replace a more high-calorie beverage. Keep reading to learn more about how many calories are in a cup of tea.

Unsweetened tea doesn’t have much in the way of calories since it’s just an infusion of hot water and leaves.

How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Tea?

Why Do Green and Black Tea Have the Same Calories?

Both black and green tea come from the same plant, the camellia sinensis – that’s why they have the same number of calories.

How Many Calories Does Milk Add to Tea?

Using lighter dairy products such as 2% milk or skim milk can decrease the number of calories, but either way milk will add a lot of calories to your tea.

Each teaspoon of white sugar adds 15.4 calories to a cup of tea.

How Many Calories Does Sugar Add to Tea?

Is Drinking Tea with Sugar Bad for You?

The truth is that adding milk or sugar to your tea is perfectly fine as long as you’re aware of how the calories in it fit into your daily meal plan.

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