Chaga mushroom tea is not as well known as some other medicinal teas, but this earthy mix has many health advantages as a medicinal remedy.

Chaga mushroom tea can be prepared by either steeping the chaga in hot water or boiling water and pouring it over the chaga.

Some herbalists claim that boiling the water removes some of the mushroom’s healthy botanicals, while other chemicals in the tea need boiling to activate.

Making Chaga Mushroom Tea

– Get your chaga – Prepare your water – Place the chaga in the water – Stir and drink

Daily Dosage of Chaga Mushroom Tea

There is no way to overdose on chaga mushroom tea, but the daily recommended dosage of the tea is only one to two cups.

Health Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Tea

– Boosted immune system – Reduced inflammation – Lowered blood sugar

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