Cold brew iced tea is a staple for hot months of the year. It can be a delicious and satisfying drink to serve at parties, dinners, or just on a hot day.

Making Cold Brew Iced Tea

The process of creating a cold brew iced tea is easy but takes patience. It is a combination of tea leaves or tea bags and water, steeped over the course of several hours.

With bagged tea, the leaves come pre-packaged for you. With loose leaf tea, you will need to actually measure the tea out.

Use Loose Leaf or Bagged Tea

Add Water

The amount of water you use will greatly affect the strength and flavor of the tea.


The diffusion, also known as steeping, process is arguably the most important step when making a cold brew iced tea.

- Green Tea - Black or Dark Tea - Oolong Tea - White Tea - Herbal or Infusion Tea

Types of Tea

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