This quick DIY Starbucks copycat dupe for the iced sugar cookie latte recipe is so easy to make you’ll never have to pay for one at Starbies again!

Sugar Cookie Latte Starbucks Ingredients

– Brown sugar – Sugar – Water – Vanilla extract – Almond extract – Almond milk – Brewed coffee

You can change up this recipe and make the iced sugar cookie latte with oat milk, soy milk, or other plant based milks to suit your taste.

Iced Sugar Cookie Latte Caffeine Content

Since this recipe has coffee as an ingredient, it will have caffeine. The amount of caffeine will depend on how much and what kind of coffee you use.

How to Make an Iced Sugar Cookie Latte

Add the first three ingredients to a small saucepan (brown sugar through water) and heat until all the sugar dissolves.

Step 1: Make the Sugar Cookie Syrup

Step 2: Assemble your Lattes

Fill two large glasses or mugs with ice. Divide the syrup, almond milk, and coffee between them. Stir and enjoy!

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