History of Green Tea in China

In China, the use and cultivation of green tea goes back thousands of years. While there is no precise way to know exactly when green tea was first cultivated.

Mythological Discovery of Green Tea

Shennong was sitting under a Camellia tree boiling a pot of water. Some leaves fell from the tree into the boiling water, creating the first ever pot of tea.

During the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD), written records refer to the cultivation of green tea. However this wasn’t green tea for drinking, but for medicinal purposes.

Han Dynasty

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty (618 AD to 907 AD) is considered by most to be the golden age of Chinese arts and culture. It’s during this time that green tea became a popular drink.

History of Green Tea in Japan

Green tea was first introduced to Japan in the 8th century by monks who picked up the love of the brew while studying Buddhism in China.


Japanese farmers began growing green tea in Kyoto during the 12th century.  During the 16th century, the process of shading the Camellia Sinensis plants from sunlight began.


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