Kombucha may have gained new popularity only recently, but this fizzy tea has been around for hundreds of years. Read on to learn more about the history of kombucha tea and how to make your own batch.

The main trait that sets kombucha out as different from other types of tea is the fermentation that goes into it.

Kombucha Is Fermented Black Tea

Does Kombucha Have Alcohol In It?

Kombucha does have alcohol in it, but the alcohol levels are very weak compared to regular alcoholic beverages you might drink at a bar.

History of Kombucha

The earliest records of kombucha were documented in ancient China going back to 221 B.C. This makes the process of making kombucha over nine thousand years old!

In modern times, this area covers the following regions as well as some of neighboring Mongolia:

Where Did Kombucha Tea Come From?

– Heilongjiang – Jilin – Liaoning

Ingredients in Kombucha

– Tea – Sugar – Yeast

Here are the three main things you need to make it:

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