Turmeric tea is very good for people who experience issues with inflammation, pain management, high cholesterol, or a weak immune system.

For most people, it’s perfectly safe to drink turmeric tea every day. Even in large doses, the negative side effects of turmeric tea are mild.

Can You Drink Turmeric Tea Every Day?

It’s considered safe for adults to drink between 400 and 600 milligrams of turmeric up to three times daily.

How Much Turmeric Tea Can You Safely Drink a Day?

Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

– Anti-inflammatory properties – Cancer prevention – Treatment and prevention of uveitis – Treatment and prevention of high cholesterol – Increased immune function

– Bloating and digestive upset – Diarrhea – Acid reflux – Yellow stool

Side Effects of Drinking Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea Ingredients

– Ground turmeric – Boiling water – Sweetener of choice to taste – Lemon juice to taste

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