Roasted black soybean tea, also known as kuromamecha, is a type of tea made from Chinese black soybeans that have been roasted whole.

This beverage has been consumed by Japanese people for centuries as a health tonic to promote long life and weight loss.

What Is Roasted Soybean Tea?

Soybean tea does not contain caffeine, making it a great substitute for green or black tea.

Does Soybean Tea Have Caffeine?

What Does Roasted Soybean Tea Taste Like?

Roasted soybean tea has an earthy, nutty, savory flavor with a hint of toasted sweetness.

– Essential vitamins and minerals – Weight loss – Cancer prevention – Anti-aging properties

Health Benefits of Roasted Black Soybean Tea

How to Brew Roasted Soybean Tea

– Heat up the water – Add the roasted soybeans.  – Steep the soybeans – Eat or discard the soybeans

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