DIY Starbucks Medicine Ball  Tea Recipe

This popular drink is perfect for when you're feeling sick.

The Medicine Ball (also known as)  The Cold Buster or Honey Citrus Mint Tea is super easy to  make at home.

Gather Ingredients: Lemonade, hot water,  honey, citrus mint tea peach tranquility tea

Let's get started...

Boil water for tea,  add 8-oz  of hot water to a 16-oz mug.   Add one of each tea bag, steep for 5 minutes.

Step 1:  Get the tea started steeping

Heat lemonade on the stove or microwave.

Step 2:   Heat Lemonade

Heat and add to mug with steeped tea. 

Step 3:   Stir in Honey

Add 1 TB honey, or more if you like it sweet.

Enjoy!  Feel Better Soon!