Ube and taro are both popular flavors for bubble tea. there’s a lot of confusion between these two root vegetables. Both varieties can be found for sale, sometimes even in the same bubble tea stand.

Ube is a much sweeter flavor, making it a good choice for dessert-flavored bubble teas. For a more subtle sweetness, taro is the better choice in bubble tea since it has an earthy, nutty flavor.

What’s the Difference Between Taro and Ube?

The main difference between these two plants is in their color. Taro is a whitish-beige color, while ube is a distinctive purple color.

What Is Taro?

Taro is a tuber that originates from India and Southeast Asian countries like Taiwan. Because taro root has a more neutral flavor than ube, it is often used in both sweet and savory.

What Does Taro Taste Like in Bubble Tea?

Taro isn’t very sweet on its own, so taro powder used in taro milk bubble teas usually comes pre-sweetened.

Taro is considered a very healthy root vegetable that is chock full of vitamins and essential nutrients like carbohydrates and fiber.

Is Taro Good for You?

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