Tea bags are one of the most common methods for steeping tea globally, and they’re also a common method for packing and distributing tea.

Materials Used for Tea Bags

Here are some of the materials commonly found in tea bags:

– Muslin cotton – Silken plastic – Filter paper

Here are some of the plastics found in tea bags:

Are Tea Bags Made of Plastic?

– Nylon – Polypropylene terephthalate (PET)

Do Tea Bags Hurt the Environment?

Plastic tea bags aren’t biodegradable, but they can still be somewhat good for the environment if using them multiple times.

Another reason that cheap paper tea bags are not the recommended option for drinking good tea is that they can be treated with various chemicals.

Are There Chemicals in Tea Bags?

Are Tea Bags Bad for You?

Tea bags should be avoided if you’re looking for the best aromatic and flavor experience with your tea, but cotton tea bags can be used without worrying about your health.

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