A tisane is a mixture of leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, bark, or fruit steeped in boiling water or tea to create an aromatic liquid infusion for drinking.

How Do You Make a Tisane?

– Make sure all botanicals are washed thoroughly before steeping – Choose fresh herbal ingredients – Grow or forage for your own tisane ingredients

Popular Types of Tisanes

- Leaf tisanes - Flower tisanes - Bark tisanes - Seed tisanes - Fruit and berry tisanes

Why Do People Drink Tisanes?

– Non-caffeinated – Variety – Homegrown

Health Benefits of Tisanes

– Detoxification – Stress relief – Anti-inflammatory properties

Try Tisanes for a Tasty Tea Alternative

If tea isn’t your thing, but you still want something nice and hot to drink in the mornings, tisanes are a healthy option.

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