If you’re a tea drinker and start branching out into more nuanced types of tea, you’ll eventually run into Assam black tea. Read on to learn more about Assam black tea and how to prepare it properly.

Assam black tea is from a northeastern state of India called Assam.

Where Is Assam Black Tea From?

What Does Assam Black Tea Taste Like?

The main outcome of tea being grown in Assam’s microclimate is that the tea takes on a particularly rich, malty flavor compared to black teas.

Here are some of the health benefits you can expect to gain from drinking black tea like Assam on a regular basis:

– Antioxidants – Theaflavins – Caffeine

1. Heat the water 2. Move the heated tea kettle off the heat 3. Let the tea steep 4. Strain the tea 5. Serve the tea

How to Prepare Assam Black Tea

Black tea can be a healthy daily drink as long as you don’t load it down with a bunch of white processed sugar and cream.

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