What is Bancha?

Bancha is a type of green tea standard in Japanese culture.  It and its close counterpart, Sencha, are taken from the same tea bush but at different times during the harvest season.

What Does Bancha Taste Like?

The word that comes to mind with Bancha is astringent.  Catechin, which gives tea an astringent taste, is a natural antioxidant that increases with exposure to sunlight.

– Acting as a diuretic – Reducing anemia – Aiding digestion – Promoting urinary tract health – Improving bone health

Bancha tea also offers other health benefits such as:

The Best Method for Brewing Bancha Tea

Bancha is best prepared by using boiling water.  This contrasts with the more delicate Sencha tea which requires slightly cooler water.

Use about 1 tablespoon (2 grams) of loose tea tea leaves per person.  If you prefer, you can double the amount of tea, allowing for a second infusion. Add the tea to your teapot.

Step 1

Boil about 4 ounces of water per person.

Step 2

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