Buckwheat tea (also known as sobacha or memil-cha) is a tea made by steeping the roasted grains of the buckwheat plant.

Buckwheat is consumed for its medicinal properties and also for recreation. Like many herbal teas, buckwheat tea is usually served without sweeteners or milk.

Buckwheat tea originated as a popular drink in South Asia, and is primarily consumed by people in China, Korea, and Japan.

Where Do People Drink Buckwheat Tea?

Health Benefits of Buckwheat Tea

– Naturally caffeine-free – Naturally gluten-free – Dietary fiber – Reduces blood sugar levels – Anti-inflammatory properties

What Does Buckwheat Tea Taste Like?

Buckwheat is known for having a light toasted, nutty flavor with notes of malt and earth.

How to Make Buckwheat Tea

– Boil the water – Add the buckwheat – Add more buckwheat – Steep the tea – Strain the tea

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