Builder’s tea is a strong, inexpensive tea brewed from tea bags that is traditionally served dressed with milk and sugar.

History of Builder’s Tea

There’s no exact date when the term “builder’s tea” came around in Britain, but it’s a colloquial or slang term.

There are a few characteristics that all builder’s tea will have:

Why Is Builder’s Tea Called Builder’s Tea?

– Strength – Flavoring - Brewing

What Kind of Tea is Used in Builder’s Tea?

– Irish breakfast tea – English breakfast tea

Boiling the water and setting up cups for builder’s tea during the day is a shared task that is used to promote camaraderie amongst workers of the same group or class.

How to Serve Builder’s Tea

Builder’s Tea is a Special Brew

The term “builder’s tea” might not be commonly used outside of the United Kingdom, but chances are if you’ve had black tea then you’ve made a cup the builder’s.

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