Butter tea is a traditional tea-based beverage consisting of strong black tea churned with yak butter and salt. Unlike many sweetened teas, butter tea is a savory tea.

Where Is Butter Tea From?

Butter tea is originally from Tibet, serving as an important ritual beverage for hundreds of years.

To tea drinkers outside of central Asia, the idea of putting raw butter in a cup of tea might seem appalling. But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Why Do Tibetans Put Butter in Their Tea?

Who Invented Butter Tea?

While it’s nearly impossible to know the exact, its invention is most often attributed to Tibetan monks.

What Is Butter Tea Made Of?

- Pu-erh tea - Yak butter and yak milk - Salt

Butter tea made with cow milk and butter also has a savory taste and smooth mouthfeel, but it tends to be more mellow and subtle than authentic butter tea.

What Does Yak Butter Tea Taste Like?

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