Ceylon tea is definitely a type of tea you should try if you’ve never been exposed to it before. There are many reasons why this tea is one of the most popular kinds of tea worldwide.

Ceylon tea is the name used to refer to any tea grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka. When the small country was a member of the British Empire, it was known as Ceylon.

What is Ceylon Tea?

How Was Ceylon Tea Introduced to the World?

Under the governance of the British East India Company, tea from Ceylon was exported all over the empire and across the Atlantic to America.

What Growing Conditions Influence Ceylon Tea?

– Humidity – Cool temperatures – Large amounts of rainfall

Ceylon tea is often described as having a bold and bracing flavor, with subtle notes of spices, citrus, and chocolate.

What Does Ceylon Tea Taste Like?

– Higher levels of potassium – Larger amounts of antioxidants

Special Health Benefits of Ceylon Tea

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