Whether you’re waking up from a long winter nap or returning home on a cool fall day, chai tea is the perfect way to wake up or unwind.

Chai tea is actually a blend of black tea along with spices. The classic chai consists of this mix of spices:

– Cardamom – Cloves – Ginger – Peppercorns

When people say chai tea, what they are saying is “tea tea.” Yes, the word chai translates to tea in Hindi and is a word on loan from the Mandarin Chinese 茶, pronounced as “cha.”

The Origins of Chai

Chai Tea has its Own Unique Set of Health Benefits

Lower blood sugar levels, which can help people with diabetes.

Ginger and Cinnamon

When or When Not to Have Chai Tea?

Cool wintery evenings when the thing you want the most is some warmth is the best time to have chai tea in my opinion, though people are known to have it year-round.

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Variations of Chai Tea

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