Chicory root tea is a tisane created by infusing hot water with the dried roots of the common chicory plant.

Chicory tea is an herbal infusion or tisane made from common chicory, an herbaceous perennial plant in the daisy family.

What Is Chicory Tea?

In the United States, chicory coffee became popular during the American Civil War, when Union blockades prevented coffee from being imported into the port of New Orleans.

The History of Chicory

Health Benefits of Chicory Tea

– Less caffeine intake – Improved digestive health – Improved cognitive health – Anti-inflammatory properties

Since chicory is in the same family as dandelion and other flowers that are known for aggravating pollen-based allergies.

Side Effects of Chicory Tea

Chicory Root Tea Is A Nutritious Treat

Even though lots of people drink chicory for its delicious taste, this drink has plenty of nutritional benefits to recommend it, too.

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