Chimarrao is the name for Brazil’s version of yerba mate, an herbal drink created from the dried leaves of the South American holly plant Ilex paraguariensis.

Chimarrao is known for a variety of health benefits and for improving mental focus. The active stimulant in chimarrao is caffeine.

What Is Chimarrao in English?

In Spanish, the word chimarrao is similar to the word “cimarron” or “feral”. This refers to the strong bitter flavor of the drink.

Where Is Chimarrao From?

Chimarrao is primarily found in the southern regions of Brazil. This includes areas such as the following:

– Santa Catarina – Parana – Rio Grande do Sul

What Is Chimarrao Etiquette?

– Don’t play with the straw – Don’t bogart the gourd – Don’t join in if you’re sick

How to Drink Chimarrao

– Yerba mate – Hot water – Mate gourd – Bombilla

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