Darjeeling is widely regarded as the champagne of teas, and with good reason. This rich tea is limited in availability and has a mossy, sweet flavor from its growing conditions.

Darjeeling tea is a type of high-quality black tea grown in a particular region of India known as Darjeeling. Darjeeling gets its unique flavor from its growing conditions and processing practices.

Darjeeling comes from the state of West Bengal in India, and that’s the only place where this tea is produced legally.

Where Is Darjeeling Tea From?

How Many Tea Gardens Produce Darjeeling Tea?

Only 87 tea estates in all of India are registered producers of Darjeeling tea.

What Kind of Tea is Darjeeling Tea?

Unlike Assam tea, a Indian native tea, Darjeeling tea is produced from Chinese tea strains. Most Darjeeling tea is produced and processed as black tea.

- Complicated flavor - Varied flavor - Mild flavor

What Is So Special About Darjeeling Tea?

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